CBS The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey ep 2 some initial thoughts

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CBS The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey ep 2 some initial thoughts

Post by redpill on Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:22 pm

CBS The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey ep 2 some initial thoughts

i agree that more items including the garrote/paintbrush and nylon ligature should be tested for DNA. more articles of clothing and blanket should also be tested.

i agree that an intruder probably did not enter through basement window, as they would rupture the spider web.

henry lee and werner spitz claim that jonbenet was not sexually assaulted, and that the blood found on jonbenet's underwear which dna testing showed to be jonbenet's, could have been secondary transfer, is inconsistent with credible expert medical testimony, including the presence of "bifringement foreign material"

henry lee claims the wooden shards were "microscopic" and instead of suggesting she was assualted by perhaps a woodhandle paintbrush, said it was there due to "secondary transfer"

IMO henry lee and werner spitz are incompetent.

henry lee then takes the 2 profilers to his laboratory and shows that unopened girls underwear has dna on it. what henry lee doesn't address is that the same dna was found in 2 locations on jonbenet's longjohns + other trace evidence such as fibers was also found

henry lee had jim clemente handle several items such as ligature and flash light and underwear and sure enough his dna was on it. direct primary transfer. what henry lee did not show was a credible scenario of secondary dna transfer.

since jim clemente directly touched the ligature and garrote, and they tested it and found his dna with 16 marker match, one inference for finding dna in 3 different locations is an unknown male perp touched it resulting in transfer of his dna onto the items.

steve thomas claims that it's patsy's handwriting on the ransom note, but in deposition lin wood pointed out that is not what the handwriting experts hired by BPD actually said.

steve thomas looks quite different from photos from 90s i must say he's aged a lot.

they taze an adult male both with and without a shirt on. ouch.

they created the home i'm impressed What a Face

scenario is that jonbenet was awake after returning home from whites family as was burke. burke was eating pineapple jonbenet stole some pineapple, burke chased her around the home with a flashlight and struck her on the head hard enough to kill her. burke may have also stabbed jonbenet with train tracks. parents covered it up.

they show videos of burke being interviewed one at age 9 just 2 weeks after the murder and another age 11. i admit this looks bad for IDI and good for RDI.

in the first it's a woman, and burke expresses no apparent sadnesss for death of her sister. burke, just 2 weeks after her sister was murdered didn't seem afraid the intruder would come get him. says he is just busy playing video games. doesn't seem to miss his sister.

that looks bad.

at age 11, among other things, its a male interviewer and he asks burke about the pineapple and what's this a photo of, and burke hems and haws.

that looks bad to for idi.

they also talk about burke's fascination with poop. which has to be embarrassing. Embarassed

and him hitting his sister with a gulf club, as told by family friend judith phillips.

james kolar and steve thomas were interviewed. john sam augustin though was not, though he was present in other documentaries such as ID

so i'm torn. i don't think the so-called experts are experts at all. there are serious problems with both werner spitz and henry lee. henry lee testified at the oj simpson trial and vincent bugilistki pointed out all the problems with henry lee as an expert witness. they omit all the fiber, animal hair and other evidence found, and that the tape and ligature were unsourced. there's plenty of material along the lines of werner spitz lied

on the other hand i do agree with the profilers that burke's demeanor and answers to the interviewers questions seems like he had something to hide.

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