CBS The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey incompetence with ransom note

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CBS The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey incompetence with ransom note

Post by redpill on Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:59 pm

CBS The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey

featured the following profilers as "experts"

Jim Clemente

Jim Clemente: Former New York City prosecutor, retired FBI supervisory special agent, and profiler

James Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald: Retired FBI supervisory special agent and forensic linguistic profiler

Laura Richards

Laura Richards: Former New Scotland Yard criminal behavioral analyst

Stan Burke

Stan Burke: Retired FBI supervisory special agent and statement analyst

in part 1, they discuss the ransom note.

let's quickly review these concerns

Profiling is currently practiced by a large number of professionals (and paraprofessionals), in a variety of occupations and, as such, currently lacks standardization or uniformity of practice.

There are a significant number of ethical issues raised by the lack of professionalization of profiling. There are no specific educational or training requirements in order to label oneself a profiler. The lack of educational or training requirements also means that there are no minimum standards for the measurement of competency; the lack of competency standards leads to an inability to either discipline or sanction practitioners who are irresponsible or incompetent. There is no juried or peer-reviewed system of practice measurement, there is no agreement as to what the process of creating a profile entails, nor what one should contain, and there is no agreed upon methodology for the conduction of the profiling process. That means, there is no scientific basis upon which profiling rests, as it cannot be subject to analysis and its process cannot, therefore, be replicable. In terms of the actual outcome of the practice of profiling, there are ethical difficulties associated with the use of personality and psychological theories as a means of directing the outcome of a criminal investigation. Profiling has been portrayed by the media as a romantic or heroic profession, possibly resulting in an inaccurate perception of the life and role of a profiler. As a result, the field may attract individuals who are poorly suited to competent practice. When not credibly accomplished, profiling can cause serious harm or impose delays in the actual solution of a case by suggesting inappropriate directions of investigation. The pursuit of suspects who fit a typology suggested by the profiler that is very different than that of the actual perpetrator could also result in the implication or arrest of innocent parties. Finally, there are no official ethical standards for the practice of profiling.

Finally, Turvey (1999) presents some revealing definitions in reference to certain unethical conduct by criminal profilers, as follows:

Conformtainment -- Conformtainment is providing reassuring, if incorrect, opinions and commentary to the public through media programs designed to entertain more than they are designed to provide accurate information.

Murdertainment -- Murdertainment is providing sensational coverage of incidents involving death and violence through media programs designed to entertain more than they are designed to provide accurate information.

Forensic Fraud -- Forensic fraud occurs when experts provide sworn testimony, opinions, or reports bound for court that contain deceptive or misleading findings, opinions, or conclusions, deliberately offered in order to secure an unfair or unlawful gain.

Dissemblers -- Dissemblers are forensic frauds that exaggerate, embellish, lie about, or otherwise misrepresent their actual findings.

Simulators -- Simulators are forensic frauds that physically manipulate physical evidence or related forensic testing.

Pseudo-experts -- Pseudo-experts are forensic frauds who fabricate or misrepresent expert credentials such as college diplomas, expert certifications, professional affiliations, or case-related experience.

Perjury -- Perjury is the act of lying or making verifiably false statements on a material matter under oath or affirmation in a court of law or in any sworn statements in writing. A criminal act, it is not sufficient that the statement be false to be considered perjury; it must be regarding a material fact - a fact that is relevant to the situation. Consequently, not all lies under oath are considered perjury.

James Fitzgerald and Stan Burke representing themselves as forensic linguists is clear example of

Pseudo-experts -- Pseudo-experts are forensic frauds who fabricate or misrepresent expert credentials such as college diplomas, expert certifications, professional affiliations, or case-related experience
the one thing Jim Clemente Stan Burke James Fitzgerald and Laura Richards do NOT do, is review the forensic handwriting and linguistics done on the ransom note. Henry Lee a so-called forensic scientist should have stated that the ransom note was examined, the handwriting was examined but failed to mention this.

Henry Lee has the credentials, but is still a forensic fraud since he makes no mention of the handwriting experts consulted in the case.

Instead, Stan Burke James Fitzgerald comment on the length of the ransom note. Stan Burke saying that 76% is extraneous. James Fitzgerald says that the ransom note could be reduced to 3 sentences. We have your daughter. We want $118 k we will call you tomorrow.

profilers Jim Clemente and Laura Richards jump in all 4 agree it was a "sales job". Is trying to engage in a sales job of what happened.

Henry Lee nods in agreement.

Therfore, Patsy wrote it.  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

totally unscientific.

they clearly violate

Delaying the apprehension of an offender by providing false leads.
Delaying the apprehension of an offender by pointing to false suspects.
Delaying the apprehension of an offender by excluding viable suspects.
Harming the personal life of a citizen by an implication of guilt based solely on the characteristics of a profile. (Turvey 1999: 717-Cool

here's one issue with their claims of these so-called experts.

there is a genuine ransom note that is more than twice as long. It is the Barbara Mackle ransom note.

The JB RN weighs in at 377 words. What follows now is another RN, Barabara's ransom note, BRN which has 970 words. 970/377 = 2.6 times as long.

his BRN is more than twice the length of the RN. Written
This case is December 17, 1968 Barbara Jane Mackle (born 1948) who may have lived near PR as a child due to events in Atlanta Georgia. So there is a time link and a geography link. Their lives overlap.

The 970 words begins here:

Sir, your daughter has been kidnapped by us and we now
hold her for ransom. She is quite safe, if somewhat
uncomfortable. We offer no proof of our possession of her
at this time. It will arrive by mail in a few days. Barbara is
presently alive inside a small capsule buried in a remote
piece of soil. She has enough food and water and air to
last seven days. At the end of the seven days the life supporting
batteries will be discharged and her air supply will be cut off.

The box is waterproof and very strong-fiberglass reinforced
plywood-she has little chance of escaping. The box is in an unusual and lonely place. She has no chance of being accidently stumbled upon.

Contemplate, if you will, the position into which this puts
you. If you pay the ransom prior to seven days,
we will tell you of her whereabouts. Should you catch the
messenger we send to pick up the ransom, we will simply
not say anything to anyone and ergo Barbara will
suffocate. The messenger knows only one of us and he will report to us via radio from the pickup site. We will
immediately know his fate.

Should you catch all, of us we will never admit anything as to do
so would be suicide and again-she will die. As you can see, you don't want to catch us for to do so would be condemning your lovely and intelligent daughter to death. The police may allow you to have a free hand prior to the return of your daughter
should you be so callous as to contact them. If you ask the police to advise you in this matter please be aware that
their very presence will scare us off. We can see no way for you to secure the safe return of your daughter other than to obey instructions explicitly.

1) Although we will always anticipate the involvement of the police in this situation, be assured that if your communication with them or their actual presence is detected, we will break off negotiations with you immediately. We have tied into several
of the possible means of communications that you have with the police and feel that you will be unable to contact them without our

2) The ransom will be $500,000 in recently issued $20 bills. Here are the requirements you must meet in this matter:
The notes must not be older than 1950 issue.
No more than ten notes must have consecutive serial numbers; ie., the notes must have a great variety of serial-numbers and not be merely shuffled.
The notes must be Federal Reserve notes of standard configuration.

No more than one-half of the notes may be uncirculated.

No form of marking on the bills is acceptable. Please note that the bills will undergo a minimum of eight hours of intense examination before we allow you to have knowledge of the subject's whereabouts. We have planned a series of 44 tests on a large representative of the bills. These tests include every chemical and physical test of any remote applicability.

No omission, shaving, spotting, cutting, counterfeiting, irradiating, ad nos will go undetected.

3) The bills should occupy no more than 400 cubic inches and thusly fit into a standard large suitcase of inside dimensions 31.5" longx18.75" highx6.25" deep. Purchase such a suitcase and lock the bills inside.
When you have the money in readiness, call all the Miami
area major newspapers and place the following ad in the "personal" section of the classified advertisemsnts:

"Loved one-please come home. We will pay all expenses
and meet you anywhere at anytime. Your Family."

Prepare your car for a trip and on the night of the ad's first appearance we will call you at home after midnight to advise you of where you must go to deliver the money. You must be the one to deliver the money, Robert. You will dress yourself in an all-white outfit. You must use the Lincoln to deliver the money.

In order to prevent the instructional call being traced it will be very brief and no portion of it will be repeated. If the phone rings more than three times or the connection takes longer than 15 seconds we will not contact you. You will have a limited period of time to make the rendezvous so you should be ready to leave your house within one minute of receiving the phone call in order to be within the time limit. You will proceed to the area of the meeting within the legal speed limit as if you were in no hurry. We will not meet you if you fail to show within the time limit which is only a short time longer than you will require to drive to the pickup site. Any unusual police activity or other activity in the area of the pick up will cancel the appointment.

When you arrive at the pick up site you will know it by a signal of three short flashes repeated continuously from a flashlight directed at the windshield of your car. When you see the signal you will stop the car and immediately take the suitcase toward the light. The light will be mounted on the top of a box. The suitcase should be placed within the box. You will then return to your car and proceed back up the street, in the direction from which you came and go home.

Any deviation from this outline will result in your death.
Our messenger will have you in his sights from the time you leave your car. Within twelve hours after you deliver the money you will receive another call advising you of your daughter's whereabouts. A letter will be sent also to insure the findings of your daughter.

Yes you just finished reading 970 words. The JB RN is 377 words.

So we can conclude that Patsy Ramsey also wrote that ransom note. That was a genuine ransom for kidnapping, and it could also be stated in 3 sentces. We have your daughter. We want money. We will call you.

wiki wrote:
The 1968 kidnapping of Barbara Jane Mackle was the subject of an autobiographical book which was the basis of two television movies.


On December 17, 1968, Mackle, then a 20-year-old Emory University student, was staying at the Rodeway Inn in Decatur, Georgia, with her mother. Mackle was sick with the Hong Kong flu, which had hit the student body population of Emory hard; her mother had driven to the Atlanta area to take care of her daughter and then drive her daughter back to the family home in Coral Gables, Florida, for the Christmas break. A stranger, Gary Stephen Krist, knocked on the door, claiming to be with the police, and told Mackle that Stewart Hunt Woodward had been in a traffic accident. (Woodward, to whom Mackle was later married, is usually described as Mackle's boyfriend or fiancé; but, in Mackle's written account, she calls him "a good friend".)

Once inside, Krist and his accomplice, Ruth Eisemann-Schier, disguised as a man, chloroformed, bound and gagged Mackle's mother and forced Barbara Jane Mackle at gunpoint into the back of their waiting car, informing her that she was being kidnapped. They drove her to a remote pine stand off of South Berkeley Lake Road in Gwinnett County near Duluth and buried Mackle in a shallow trench inside of a fiberglass-reinforced box. The box was outfitted with an air pump, a battery-powered lamp, water laced with sedatives, and food. Two plastic pipes provided Mackle with outside air.

Krist and Eisemann-Schier demanded and received a $500,000 ransom from Mackle's father, Robert Mackle, a wealthy Florida land developer. The first attempt at a ransom drop was disrupted when two policemen drove by. The kidnappers fled on foot, and the FBI found their car abandoned. Inside the car, not only did authorities find documents giving Krist's and Eisemann-Schier's names and former addresses but also a photograph of Barbara Jane Mackle in the box holding a sign that read "Kidnapped."

The second ransom drop was successful. On December 20, Krist called and gave to a switchboard operator of the FBI vague directions to Mackle's burial place. The FBI set up their base in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett’s county seat, and more than 100 agents spread out through the area in an attempt to find her, digging the ground with their hands and anything they could find to use. Mackle was rescued dehydrated but otherwise unharmed. She had spent more than three days underground.
Arrests and convictions of the perpetrators

Krist was soon arrested off the coast of Florida in a speedboat bought with part of the ransom money. Eisemann-Schier was arrested 79 days later. (She has the distinction of being the first woman on the FBI's ten most wanted list.) She was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison, paroled after serving four years, and deported to her native Honduras.

Krist was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 1969 but was released on parole after 10 years. Krist received a pardon to allow him to attend medical school. He practiced medicine in Indiana before his license was revoked in 2003 for lying about a disciplinary action received during his residency.

In March 2006, Krist was arrested on a sailboat off the coast of Alabama with 14 kilograms (31 lb) of cocaine, reportedly worth about $1 million, and four illegal aliens. He was sentenced to five years and five months in prison but released in November, 2010.[1][2]

On August 27, 2012, in Mobile, Alabama, U.S. District Judge Callie Virginia Granade revoked Krist's supervised release for violation of his probation. He had left the country without permission, sailing to Cuba and South America on his sailboat. Judge Granade sentenced Krist to 40 months' imprisonment.[3]

the profilers conclusion that because the author of the Jonbenet ransom note could have stated the demands in 3 sentences and did not, therefore, Patsy Ramsey wrote it as a sales job is simply ridiculous. Instead of delving into the conclusions of handwriting experts and forensic linguists, they simply disregard that and claim Patsy wrote it because Patsy was trying to sell investigators on the idea of a foreign faction. The barbara mackle ransom note is a genuine ransom note, the author felt compelled to write a long message, and in no way implicates anyone other than the author, who is also the kidnapper.

the length of the ransom note in no way proves that Patsy or John wrote the ransom note, nor does it rule out an intruder. these so called experts profilers are plainly incompetent. they clearly had a predetermined conclusion and simply disregarded any evidence, including handwriting evidence that did not fit their pre-determined conclusion.

CBS documentary is clearly

Murdertainment -- Murdertainment is providing sensational coverage of incidents involving death and violence through media programs designed to entertain more than they are designed to provide accurate information.

you've been redpilled Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

I find it fascinating that the Barbara Mackle ransom note reads

Any deviation from this outline will result in your death.

the Jonbenet ransom note says

Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter.

Any deviation will result in your [death/execution]

I suspect the author of the ransom note, not Patsy Ramsey or John, was familiar with both the Barbara Mackle ransom note and Leopold and Loeb ransom note.

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