A profile of the Jonbenet's killer, a profile of the intruder - time for a redpill

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A profile of the Jonbenet's killer, a profile of the intruder - time for a redpill

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:13 pm

the following is my profile on the intruder, Jonbenet's killer

let's quickly review inductive reasoning

Inductive reasoning (as opposed to deductive reasoning or abductive reasoning) is reasoning in which the premises are viewed as supplying strong evidence for the truth of the conclusion. While the conclusion of a deductive argument is certain, the truth of the conclusion of an inductive argument is probable, based upon the evidence given.[1]

Many dictionaries define inductive reasoning as reasoning that derives general principles from specific observations, though some sources disagree with this usage.[2]

and deductive reasoning

Deductive reasoning, also deductive logic, logical deduction is the process of reasoning from one or more statements (premises) to reach a logically certain conclusion.[1] It differs from inductive reasoning and abductive reasoning.

Deductive reasoning links premises with conclusions. If all premises are true, the terms are clear, and the rules of deductive logic are followed, then the conclusion reached is necessarily true.

Deductive reasoning (top-down logic) contrasts with inductive reasoning (bottom-up logic) in the following way: In deductive reasoning, a conclusion is reached reductively by applying general rules that hold over the entirety of a closed domain of discourse, narrowing the range under consideration until only the conclusion(s) is left. In inductive reasoning, the conclusion is reached by generalizing or extrapolating from specific cases to general rules, i.e., there is epistemic uncertainty.

the one dna profile is distal stain-09 is male. therefore we can deduce the offender is male.

given the nature of the crime, we can deduce the offender is willing to engage in a high-risk target, of entering an occupied home at night, on Christmas. A day most people are normally celebrating with friends and family. Apparently no one ever reported a family member of friend as missing on Dec 25/26 and no one had reported a missing coworker during this time, and so it seems the offender has few friends and family.

the offender knows how to create a garrotte and sophisticated bondage device. the offender knows the layout of the Ramsey home and some details of the Ramsey family. it is highly likely he has been casing the home for some time to gather this information prior to Jonbenet's murder.

the following represents inductive reasoning.

the offender wrote the ransom note on a notepad from inside the Ramsey home.

the ransom note most likely contains references to the movies Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed. the similarities in phrases between known statements from these movies and the language of the ransom note such as don't try to grow a brain is so substantially similar that it is unlikely a coincidence.

based on this inductive reasoning, i offer a hypothesis.

A hypothesis (plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it. Scientists generally base scientific hypotheses on previous observations that cannot satisfactorily be explained with the available scientific theories. Even though the words "hypothesis" and "theory" are often used synonymously, a scientific hypothesis is not the same as a scientific theory. A working hypothesis is a provisionally accepted hypothesis proposed for further research.[1]

A different meaning of the term hypothesis is used in formal logic, to denote the antecedent of a proposition; thus in the proposition "If P, then Q", P denotes the hypothesis (or antecedent); Q can be called a consequent. P is the assumption in a (possibly counterfactual) What If question.

The adjective hypothetical, meaning "having the nature of a hypothesis", or "being assumed to exist as an immediate consequence of a hypothesis", can refer to any of these meanings of the term "hypothesis".

the hypothesis i advance to explain observation of the movie references to Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed is that the author, Jonbenet's killer, the intruder, is a fan of Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed to the extent he has memorized lines from those movies. They form part of his fantasy life.

the next step of the hypothesis is to work out the deductions and see how well they can explain the facts.

John and Patsy Ramsey state that they last put Jonbenet in her bed and tucked her in. Jonbenet was later found dead in the basement wine cellar. Therefore, Jonbenet was technically kidnapped and abducted from her bed and into her basement where she was killed.

The movie Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed all involve kidnapping and abduction.

in the movie Dirty Harry, the antagonist Scorpio abducts a young woman and makes a ransom demand, and writes a handwritten ransom note to this effect. during the entire time Dirty Harry spent chasing after Scorpio demanding to know where the girl was, the girl had suffocated.

it is worth noting that Jonbenet murder involves a handwritten ransom note making ransom demands, and Jonbenet was dead the entire time until she was found.

Ransom and Speed also involve abductions and ransom demands.

the close match between the actual content of these movies and the actual Jonbenet crime provides strong support of the hypothesis, that the killer was a fan of Dirty Harry, Ransom, and Speed.

the offender, a male, with some knowledge of knots and garrotes, is a fan of crime movies Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed. Scorpio left a handwritten ransom note and the girl was dead the entire time, and in Jonbenet crime, there was a handwritten ransom note and Jonbenet was dead the entire time.

this strongly suggests this crime was what criminologists classify as a copycat crime. A copycat crime is a crime, in this context, motivated by movies. there are several other examples of copycat crimes based on movies like Natural born killers, Scream, Dexter, Silence of the Lambs, etc.

Based on this, it's worth investigating whether other movies that predate Jonbenet's death Dec 26, 1996 may have influenced the killer, as reflected in the ransom note. I personally identified several candidates. The movie Deer Hunter has a line "it's up to you now, it's up to you" which is mirrored in the ransom note. Deer Hunter and Dirty Harry came out nearly the same time, and both involve guns and action-thriller. The movie 1988 Die Hard is premised on a small foreign faction, Hans Gruber, leading a group of terrorists demanding other terrorist comrades like Asian Dawn be liberated. The movie The Rock has specific idea that General Hummel respects the military for its sacrifice, but not the country it serves. An idea in the second sentence in the ransom note. The Rock also says that the $50 million ransom is to paid to Red Sea Trading Company, possibly forming the basis of SBTC. Sea Red Trading Company, then changing R to B. The movie Silence of the Lambs, Hannibel Lecture says to Clarice and to the Senator's mother, whose daughter was captured by another serial killer Buffalo Bill, "Listen carefully" as also stated in the ransom note.

The offender then is a fan of the movies Dirty Harry, Ransom Speed, Deer Hunter, Die Hard, The Rock, and Silence of the Lambs. All of these movies involves crimes of various sorts. These movies involve a police officer or detective with a gun, engaging in gunfire with bad guys. Deer Hunter involves Vietnam soldiers.

The ransom note also contains direct quotes and paraphrases of ideas present in two real life crimes, the Barbara Mackle ransom note and Leopold and Loeb ransom note. As with Jonbenet, those ransom notes are long and wordy, with Barbara Mackle ransom note at 970 words more than two and half times longer than the Jonbenet ransom note. Both crimes involves kidnapping for ransom money. Both crimes happened quite a long time in the past, Barbara Mackle in 1968 and Leopold and Loeb in 1920's. Both crimes, but especially the Barbara Mackle kidnapping are mostly forgotten.

In 1996, google and other internet was just starting. It seems highly like that for an offender to know of Barbara Mackle kidnapping, which happened in 1968 and Leopold and Loeb, that the offender is either an older person, or someone who takes great interest in this area of crime. They most likely know or own books or borrowed books from the library on these specific topics.

specifically, Dirty Harry was released in 1971. Deer Hunter was released in 1978.
Barbara Mackle was abducted in 1968, and she wrote a book about her experience in 1971, which is now out of print.

Mackle wrote a book (with The Miami Herald reporter Gene Miller) about her experience: 83 Hours ‘Til Dawn, published in 1971

Krist also wrote a book, Life: The Man Who Kidnapped Barbara Jane Mackle, published in 1972

the books on Barbara Mackle and movies Dirty Harry and Deer Hunter all cluster around the 1970s, possibly when the offender was a pre-teen or teen boy or young adult. The offender would be twenty 20 years older in 1996 from when he may have read and heard of these crimes, when they were current news and when the books were in circulation.

Richard Leopold

Leopold died of a diabetes-related heart attack on August 29, 1971, at the age of 66.[6][7] His corneas were donated.[

Richard Leopold's death in 1971 would also be major news at the time.

My hypothesis is that the offender had an actual copy of both the Barbara Mackle ransom note, and the Leopold and Loeb ransom note and used the texts of these as the basis of his own ransom note, which is now the famous Jonbenet Ramsey ransom note. His interest in crimes and movies based on kidnapping spans from the 1970s of his earlier teen years to the time he actually offended and murdered Jonbenet Ramsey.

Most likely the reason he was able to access a copy of the texts of these ransom notes, is he actually owned books that had copies of the texts of these ransom notes. The internet was still very new in 1996, so either he owned a copy of Barbara Mackle's 83 hours to dawn, or library loaned it.

His interests span real life kidnapping in the true crime genera as evidence by Leopold and Loeb and Barbara Mackle, and movies based on kidnappings Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed. He psychologically identifies with the bad guy, with the kidnappers. It is part of his fantasy life. It's what makes him happy.

It is highly likely he got the idea to frame the Ramseys and leave Jonbenet's dead lifeless body in the home from the 1993 movie The Fugitive with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. In that action thriller, Dr Roger Kimball played by Harrison Ford, became the prime suspect of the murder of his wife, when she was found dead in his own home. Kimball of course claimed it was an intruder, which was not believed and formed the basis for all the drama and action as he was hunted by US Marshall's office led by Tommy Lee Jones. Jonbenet's killer in 1993 realized if he kills a girl in her own home and leaves her body in the home, the parents would be targets and the police and public will not believe an intruder did it.

Jonbenet's killer left a ransom note based on a fantasy life revolving around kidnappings stemming from his teen years from the 1970's, both real life true crime and movies.
Jonbenet's killer left the body in the home based on the movie The Fugitive, that leaving the body behind implicates the parents.

The offender reads books in the true crime genera and watches movies in same genera, most likely was at least a teen or young adult when Dirty Harry, Deer Hunter and Barbara Mackle and Richard Leopold's death were current news in early 1970's. By the time he murdered Jonbenet Ramsey, he had these fantasies for at least 20+ years.

The Jonbenet Ramsey ransom note author followed the earlier Leopold and Loeb ransom note, both in language, in structure, in the presentation of ideas, in the order and arrangement of those ideas.

I argued earlier

JonBenét Ramsey and Barbara Mackle ransom notes a forensic text comparison


and here

Leopold and Loeb


the author was also familiar with the Barbara Mackle ransom note, and movies Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed.

in effect the author of the Jonbenet Ransom note was plagiarizing sources.

I theorize that the offender had a long history of fascination and knowledge of true crime, including famous historical kidnappings. Both Leopold and Loeb and Barbara Mackle are long forgotten crimes of the past. It might speak to an older offender, one old enough to remember them when they were front page news. Knowledge of these kidnappings and having access to these older ransom notes in 1996 probably would require a trip to the library. The offender most likely had books in his possession/library that are about these kidnappings, and more importantly, had the actual text of these ransom notes. I don't think that the texts of these ransom notes were easily available to find in 1996 on the web.

The offender is also interested in movies based on kidnappings. Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed are movies about kidnapping and ransom demands. I also suspect Die Hard, the Deer Hunter, and The Rock are also alluded to.

I theorize the offender first created a mash up ransom note consisting of both the Barbara Mackle and Leopold and Loeb ransom note, with quotes from Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed. He wrote this months to years before writing it and leaving it in the Jonbenet Ramsey home.

He memorized it. He memorized what he said.

The one skill the offender has is taking words and sentences spoken by others and then re-wording it and changing the wording and sentences. In many respects his re-wording of the source material is much more succinct. I suspect the offender has a background in English literature, creative writing, rhetoric. He may be an instructor of writing for junior or high school students, college students, or a newspaper editor. He has a long history of reading term papers by students, then editing them and rewording their statements to make them more grammatically correct.

So after copying and pasting Leopold and Leob ransom note and the Barbara Mackle ransom note, then adding in Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed, he used his knowledge and experience with writing and grammar checking student writings, to rewrite and reword

The offender has demonstrated two related set of skills. One set of skills is he is good at memorizing lines from movies. The second skill is he is good at re-wording, paraphrasing, and changing the wording of the original sources. i.e Don't try to grow a brain, he changed to don't attempt to grow a brain.

It is highly likely the offender has a profession in editting, rhetoric, or a profession where he has to edit and re-write other writing, such as high school students papers. He most likely does a lot of proofreading. In the ransom note itself, he proof read his own ransom note, crossing out delivery and replacing it with pick-up, and changing the word do not like you and adding a ^ suggests he does a lot of proofreading. His daytime job is changing the words of text, suggesting how to make it more succinct.

the offender most likely studied a book similar to this one

in elements of style Stunk and White emphasized the importance in proofreading to take out unnecessary words. good writing style is succinct. we see that here in the ransom note

Dirty Harry

"If you talk to ayone, I don't care if it's a Pekinese p i s s ing against a lamppost, the girl dies." (JBR's
(JBR's RN says "If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies")

here the ransom note author, Jonbenet's killer, possibly a high school english teacher or even a college writing instructor demonstrates his mastery of his understanding of Stunk and White's elements of style.

first his ability to memorize lines from movies, which strongly indicates a high verbal IQ, and good memory for spoken word. these are useful in english writing type professions that english teachers and newspaper editors must be fluent in.

second he shows his ability to follow Stunk and White's Elements of Style and make it much more succinct, in reworking the original source material, changing words to use synonyms to make it more succinct.

Jonbenet's killer most likely lived in Boulder, or worked in Boulder within a 30 mile radius. He learned of Jonbenet from her participation in beauty pageants. Jonbenet was after all miss colorado.

He was a teenager or young adult in the 1970's and became fascinated with kidnapping and movies based on kidnappings, and when he heard of Jonbenet as miss colorado, he realized that is what he wanted to do.

His day job is possibly a proofreading in some capacity, as a middle or high school english lit instructor, college writing instructor, newspaper editor etc.

several of the suspects I propose also fit the bill. the OCCK and the OCCK Allan letter references vietnam and the movie Deer Hunter is about psychologically traumatized vietnam vets. occk kidnapped at least 4 children in 1970s. age unknown.

several blue eyed blonde girls were abducted in 1970s and 80s in Massachusetts Connecticut sparking speculation of a serial killer targeting blue eyed blonde girls. kidnapping and abducting them

Blonde, Blue-Eyed and Gone - Connecticut Magazine - March 2013 ...
www.connecticutmag.com › Connecticut Magazine › March 2013
In the scope of 10 years, 1968 to 1978, ten girls (including Lisa and Janice) vanished ... Serial killers preying on children do not choose their victims at random.

amy mihlavic's abductor happened in 1989.

the other girls were abducted in broad daylight, outside the home in cities outside Boulder, Co. but it does show there are those in the public who like to abduct and kidnap girls. there are some similarities between the OCCK Allan Letter and Jonbenet Ramsey ransom note.

none of the suspects have been identified as i write this Oct 6, 2016

of my suspects only one, Mr Cruel is known to actually enter homes. Mr Cruel is a kidnapper who targets young girls in their own homes. he is a suspect in eloise worledge jan 12, 1976 abduction and kidnapping. he was an adult male by the time he abducted his last known victim karmein chan in 1991 from her home, just 5 years prior to jonbenet. Mr Cruel therefore had a long history of interest in kidnapping and ransom notes, and as an Australian national from Melbourne, he is fluent in English and may have read the books as a teen boy when they were in the book stores in Melbourne, about american crime. or via library loans. Mr Cruel is a kidnapper of young girls, and he kidnaps young girls from homes and he made ransom demands. Holly wood movies like Dirty Harry Ransom and Speed are also aired in Australia so Mr Cruel had a chance to watch them and own them as VHS tape.

it is of course possible some adult male with an english writing degree living in boulder co 1996 decided to abduct and them murder Jonbenet as his first and only crime based on a fantasy.

my point is that if Jonbenet's killer had abducted young children prior to 1996, the ones i outline, are the most famous unsolved child kidnappers, OCCK, amy mihalavic, connecticut-mass young blue eyed blonde kidnapper, and mr cruel.

there is a unified picture presented. jonbenet crime consists of jonbenet kidnapped and a ransom note left. the content of the movie refer to previous kidnapping of barbara mackle and bobby frank by leopold and loeb, and movies dirty harry ransom speed, with other movies silence of lambs, deer hunter, die hard the rock the fugitive. the author knows how to re-write, paraphrase his source material.

the offender most likely had memorized those lines from his favorite movies, and had an actual copy of leopold and loeb and barbara mackle ransom notes, as a book, not off the internet in 1996, then proceed to write one down, then editted it and paraphrased the source material, prior to jonbenet murder. he then memorized what he was going to say from his redacted and editted ransom note, then went to the ramsey home and entered when they were away at the white party. he had 5 hours of the home to himself. he waited and hid in the basement undetected. after everyone went to sleep, he abducted jonbenet, killed her, then left his ransom note on the stairs and then walked out.

he fulfilled his fantasy. a sick fantasy. a thrill kill. you've been redpilled. Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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