Brenda Sue Gere and Jonbenet Ramsey, on Investigation Discovery Suspicion

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Brenda Sue Gere and Jonbenet Ramsey, on Investigation Discovery Suspicion

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:44 pm

from time to time i watch true crime on 20/20 60 minutes and Investigation Discovery

yesterday i saw

it was about the murder of 12 year old Brenda Sue Gere

Birth: Feb. 9, 1973
San Bernardino County
California, USA
Death: Sep. 19, 1985
Snohomish County
Washington, USA

Daughter of Joe and Elaine; sister of Joey and Michael. Brenda was kidnapped and murdered by Michael Kay Green on September 19, 1985. Green was convicted in 1993, and is currently serving out a life sentence in a Washington prison. Brenda Gere's story is detailed in the book, "Salt of the Earth", by Jack Olsen.

Family links:
 Joe Paul Gere (1947 - 1988)

1973 would make Brenda a Gen X

her killer is Michael Kay Green

no photos of him.

the backdrop is that the family lived in the hunting ground of the Green River killer in Washington State, who at the time, in 1985 was unidentified. ironically Brenda's killer was last name Green. Brenda's family originally lived right next to a dump sight for the Green River killer who we now know is Gary Ridgeway. needless to say they moved. unfortunate where they moved to was another killer from washington state.

One day, around 3pm in the early afternoon, sunlight, Sep. 19, 1985 a home owner noticed a white pickup truck in his car. he asked the person why he's there and asked him to leave, so Green moved his car. the home owner memorized his license plate. at 3pm Brenda Gere entered her home, in broad daylight, she did have a brother, but he didn't arrive from school yet. at same time, mother at 3pm at work had a dark feeling.

it was at this time that Michael Green entered Brenda's home and abducted her in broad daylight, and drove her some 20 miles away. one person in the neighborhood heard a girl say "no". but didn't actually witness the abduction.

initially when mother and brother returned home they assumed brenda was at a friend's house but when they started making phone calls, realized that brenda was gone made police calls, and eventually neighbors provided a license plate which matched Michael Green. Green professed innocense and police had no probable cause. Green admits being in the neighborhood to buy homes.

mom consulted psychic, said Brenda was alive but held by 2 men near oregon border. psychic was wrong.

 later he was arrested in Denver for rape he had commited in this time period sentences to 7 years. 6 years into prison term they were doing construction work on his property, water works, when they found by accident, her remains. Green was tried and convinced and sentence to life in prison.

father became alcoholic and commited suicide in front of mother and son via gun to head.

the mother said she prayed to jesus to find Brenda, and in an almost exact parallel to

Motives and Murder: Cracking the Case Season 5 Ep. 5
An Angel Taken

it is about the abduction and Murder of Brooke Wilberger

by  Joel Patrick Courtney

in both cases a white female is abducted in broad daylight, in the middle of the day by a white male, for sexual reasons. both drove vehicles that were spotted by eye witnesses. Both happened in the pacific northwest - oregon and washington, land of bigfoot.

both were murdered. in both cases the mothers prayed to jesus to find their daughter. in both cases the daughter dead remains were found and the killer/kidnapper were identified caught and sent to prison.

so um, praying to jesus in both cases did not result in the safety and life of their kidnapped daughter, but did result in the body being discovered and the kidnapper / killer identified caught and sentence to  life prison without parole. so yeah that's how jesus answers prayers about kidnapping and killing  Shocked

the parallel to jonbenet is that in this solved homicide abduction with known and convincted offender, one day Michael Kay Green  who played football in college, and had good health and strength to do construction type work, in the Washington state area, decided he was going to enter the home of 12 year old Brenda Sue Gere as a home invading intruder

he wasn't concern about it being broad daylight, wasn't concern that at least 1 or more witnesses saw his car parked in a driverway near where brenda was abducted.  tbh.  I don't think Michael Green is very intelligent. and he managed to enter the home and abduct her, without anyone actually seeing it and calling police. he took her to his home some 20 miles away. he had a wife and also was living with his parents or grandparents or something, and had his own kids. nevertheless he did something to Brenda which resulted in her death and burial some 2 miles away. i would imagine he sexually assaulted her in his car. Not different than Joel Patrick Courntey, who woke up one morning decided to abduct Brooke willberger.

now Michael Green refused to offer details such as how and why he picked Brenda Gere some 20 miles away. Brenda wasn't miss washington state. how did he know her? how he entered the home, and what he did to her or what she said. i suspect luck played some role because Brenda had a younger brother who had not yet arrived from school. Brenda also lived with father and mother who were working at the time. Brenda also had a dog but obviously the dog didn't do anything.

did Green plan this or was it luck on his part that it worked almost well for him, the problem with daytime was he was seen and his license plate reported.

that goes to show someone living in Boulder Co or 20-30 miles away can decided to abduct and attack Jonbenet Miss Colorado.

personally i'm surprised i lived past childhood.

had my parents had me born and raised in washington state, i probably would have spent time looking for bigfoot and given how many killers there are in that part of the country, i'd probably be dead by now.

it is possible Jonbenet's killer is anywhere from teen to middle age male, who never committed any crime before or since Jonbenet's murder. Michael Kay Green's murder of Brenda Gere is an example of something like this. Same with Amy Mihalavic.

there are a couple of murders in Boulder area, one famous victim was Tracy Neef, a couple of others were solved or partially solved like the Bennett family.

I strongly suspect Jonbenet was completely removed from the home, into a waiting car or van, much as Brenda Gere was, and Brooke Willberger, and assaulted and murdered there, with the double rope hanging on her neck, and then after she died, her lifeless body was placed in the basement.

perhaps i'll flesh it out but basically Santa Bill McReynolds and an accomplice, Bill McReynold's role is he got a key or convinced Jonbenet to leave a door window unlocked on pretext of a secret visit from Santa, with Santa being an accomplice and killer. there's the weird story that exactly 22 years earlier his daughter and her friend were sexually assaulted by an unknown and unidentified offender. no forced entry. no need to go through basement window.

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