i really enjoyred the rebooted Star Trek trilogy

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i really enjoyred the rebooted Star Trek trilogy

Post by redpill on Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:21 pm

if u think about it i'm not sure the movies make sense

in the   reboot Khan is a genetically engineered superhuman, and 72 of his superhumans are frozen and placed inside torpedos. in the third movie it had something about some strange superweapon Mad

the premise of the plot made no sense to me.

having said that, it had awesome special effects, funny moments, dammnit jim i'm a doctor not a torpedo bomb deactovator Laughing very good hand to hand combat, good light gun fight scenes

the scenes they depicted were very imagantive. overall i'm feeling high. not from cocaine or heroin but from seeing an imaginative syfy world.

i saw the original 60s era star trek on tv as a kid, and now to be alive and to see this movie of star trek as it was meant to be, with a big budget and big production values i'm pleased.

i would have cut out the original mr spock the older one played by leanord nimoy and time travel.

instead, i'd just re-create a new star trek universe. for the most part they did, with modern special effects and i'm pleased. the idea of traveling to other planets and stars is something that has always captured my imagination, and the action sequences were very entertaining.

i hope jj abrams does a star trek/star wars cross over. i'd love to watch that. star trek and star wars.

Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

i'd use characters/actors from the 2009 reboot. not sure what time period and characters to use in star wars, since darth vader is most iconic, but jj abrams directed TFA.

such a movie should be its own universe and its own series.

i'm thinking something like a game of thrones with syfy

where the federation and the first order and alliance all struggling for power.

star trek though have nothing on jedi/sith and light sabers.

mr spock meets a sith like kylo ren Shocked Shocked

i'd totally pass out my brain blown

star trek has no one to match a force user, but an eternal question

red shirt star trek vs storm troopers

in my lifetime i hope nasa sends probes to planet venus, mars, europa, and maybe even gets contact from an alien civilization or finds alien life on another star

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