survivor kristie bennett i suspect is an asperger's syndrome sith lord

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survivor kristie bennett i suspect is an asperger's syndrome sith lord

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:24 pm

i've been watching this

to its final satisfying conclusion. winner is this sith lord

on the forums and message boards there was talk way back at the beginning that the winner was kristie bennet due to las vegas betting, on inside info, since survivor is filmed several months ahead of time.

this is the first real big-budget high production values australian survivor - 2 earlier seasons were cheap knock offs.

the final challenge of them touching an idol while standing on poles on a cliff close to the ocean was simply epic.

lee really does look like obi wan kenobi, and like star wars, he said to kristie i'm proud of you after kristie gave the father please, and it reminded me of obi wan sacrificing himself to vader to save luke on new hope.

kristie loves her daddy. she told lee she reminded her of her dad. lee actually is a dad. it broke his resolve. we star wars fans call that reverse don moch

thoughout the entire competition, kristie was seen as  something of a loner, she said she's a loner with no friends, and others like lee and el called her awkward and strange and even crazy.

she often spent time alone, in one case fishing for fish using rohan's underwear.

in my book, she's probablly a girl with asperger's syndrome. so the shy awkward with asperger
s syndrome  girl can win survivor.

i would have never imagine something like this on survivor, when kristie told lee, who was a professional athlete, old at 41 but ripped and muscular, how much she reminded him of her her father and said that 8 year old girl's dream.

awww. Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed

i call her a sith cause she was a minority member of aganoa but she managed to 1- not get voted off from dominant vavvu and snauupu tribe and 2- got the snappu and vavvu tribe post-merge to self-destruct. snappau turned on themselves and voted one another off before even considering christie. in star wars the sith got the republic to split, and warred against itself in a civil war, until it was destroyed an in its place rose the empire ruled by the sith. here, snappu-vavvuu super majority tartgetted its own members in connor - vavvu kate vavvuu sue vavvu and jenna louse on vavvu then turned on nick vavvu-snapuu and kylie a loyal snappu and even brooke the essence of snappu.

after this civil war, it was just kristie el and lee all aganoa.

wow and kristie never won any challenges except the final one. it's an inspiring underdog story

aussie chicks have a cute accent. kristie for one talked about her father a lot on this show so wow, she r really is daddy's little girl. Laughing

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