How I view Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

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How I view Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:49 pm

is for me like voting for

either way the dark  side wins.

i think this election could be a watershed moment in the US Republic, as it falls and the West collapses

there are no guarantee that the social experiment known as the USA  will survive intact, into the indefinite future.

many states in the past have failed, many societies have gone revolution and change in regime.
in 2016 venezuela syria, african nations haiti have all been hit with disaster and reversal  of fortunes

the chinese community party and north korea may collapse.

it's entirely possible the USA will collapse.

these people

doomsday preppers are convinced the USA and the world will collapse, though they typically attribute it to nuclear war, disease, biological agents, supervolanos, asteroids some also think the USA will also collapse

i think wikileaks have shown that Hillary Clinton is corrupt, and I have always thought Trump was terrible. So really choosing between the two is like choosing whether to support Darth Tyrannus of the Separatists or Darth Sidious of the Republic. Either way evil wins. Corporations and billionaires are the real power behind the throne.

USA almost collapsed and self-destructed in the 1860's over the issue of slavery, leading to a ruinous civil war. I think the one mistake the South made, is that they did not make the assassination of Abraham Lincoln a high-priority target. Perhaps because all the ninjas were in Japan.Lincoln was the war monger pushing for war.  Kill Lincoln in 1860, and war ends.  You have at least 2 nations, the North, and the South, in what is today  USA

After USA collapses, historians of the future will write how Western democracy failed because of greed, corruption, bribery.

USA will be ripped apart from the inside, and in its place will be a new power.

Wikileaks shows the corruptness of HIllary Clinton. I think though Donald Trump is incompetent, and that Russia is hoping Trump wins as a prelude to the collapse of the USA and the rise of Russia as the world's sole superpower. if Hillary wins, her victory will be  negated by all the scandals and all the leaked emails, seriously comprising her ability to lead

I suspect there is someone plotting and whose endgame will result in the self-destruction of the USA

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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