Why did Jonbenet Ramsey's killer leave the body inside the home? The Fugitive 1993

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Why did Jonbenet Ramsey's killer leave the body inside the home? The Fugitive 1993

Post by redpill on Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:34 pm

I've touched on this before,

Why did Jonbenet Ramsey's killer leave the body inside the home? Why didn't her killer remove her body from the home, so he could collect on the ransom?

Well, in addition to Dirty Harry, Ransom and Speed aren't the only action thrillers involving an offender and a police or law enforcement chase, that aired prior to Dec 26, 1996.

One of the most famous movie in the police-action oriented crime thriller is 1993 movie The Fugitive  

here's a trailer

My theory is not that Jonbenet Ramsey's death was coincidentally similar to 1993 movie The Fugitive
starring Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones.

It is that Jonbenet's killer directly saw The Fugitive, and it influenced him and was part of his fantasy.

In the movie, Dr. Roger Kimball, played by Harrison Ford, went home only to find his wife near death. He then fought with an one-armed intruder. When medics and police arrive, his wife Helen Kimball was dead. During interview they concluded Dr. Roger Kimball attacked and murdered his wife.

There WAS NO INTRUDER. No forced entry. No fingerprints.

Helen Kimball was shot, and she also had her skull fractured and crushed by a single blow to the head with a blunt object.

Sound familiar?
Jonbenet Ramsey skull

Helen Kimball was killed with 2 different methods, gun shot to torso and a single blow to her head fracturing her skull.
Jonbenet Ramsey was killed with 2 different methods, ligature and a single blow to her head, fracturing her skull.

Dr. Roger Kimball was convicted of the murder of his wife, even though it really was an intruder.

The reason is that she was killed in their home, and only Kimball was present.

Sound familiar?

Jonbenet Ramsey was found dead in her home, and only her family were present.

Jonbenet's killer, the intruder, saw this movie, The Fugitive, and had an epiphany, what if I murder Jonbenet Ramsey and leave her lifeless body in the home?

Well just like the 1993 movie The Fugitive, where Dr. Roger Kimball was convicted and sentence to death, the Ramsey's would be the prime suspects.

The movie itself is ultimately based on the true crime story of Samuel Sheppard

and in that true crime story, Marylin Sheppard was found murdered in the bedroom, and everyone believed her husband Samuel Sheppard killed her, while he insisted it was a bushy haired intruder. Samuel Sheppard was convicted and sent to prison, but eventually released.

in conclusion, Jonbenet Ramsey's killer was an intruder who, in addition to watching Dirty Harry, Ransom, and Speed, also saw 1993 movie The Fugitive, where the central protagonist Dr Roger Kimball was innocent, and his wife was murdered by an intruder, but he was blamed, prosecuted and sent to prison and sentence to death, because his wife was found murdered in the home. This central idea, leave the dead body inside the Ramsey home to frame the parents, was part of his thinking in executing the crime as a direct result of this 1993 action thriller The Fugitive.

For the Fugitive 1993 frame up to work, Jonbenet's killer, the intruder MUST leave Jonbenet's body hidden in the basement. Any other scenario would not result in achieving both his fantasy and his goal and aims. If Jonbenet's killer removed Jonbenet's body entirely from the home, it would not be the 1993 Fugitive scenario.

Either Mr Cruel or someone like Mr Cruel would have plenty of personal experience with this, with framing the parents. At Karmein Chan's abduction, Mr Cruel wrote at the crime scene "payback asian drug dealer, more and more to come"

Mr Cruel managed to frame the Chan's as Asian drug dealers, and that Karmein Chan's kidnapping was drug related, and that the Chan's were drug dealers, or were drug users with drug debts.
Chan's had to prove they were NOT drug dealers.

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