Survivor's Michelle and Akiane Kramarik and car crash kills Casey Speckman, 27

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Survivor's Michelle and Akiane Kramarik and car crash kills Casey Speckman, 27

Post by redpill on Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:15 am

this is  Akiane Kramarik

this is her painting

she states here

that at age 4 she saw Jesus and angels and heaven. so no atheist will be able to talk her out of it.
her actual beliefs are new age and i doubt she's ever actually read the bible, like i have Sad the bible is a very violent book. Sad

what do i think of it?

well the current season of Survivor is Millennials vs Gen x'ers

this is michelle

shes a millennial

she's extremely religious christian

here she shares her beliefs about dinosaurs/dragons, and

that ginger big dude is chris

he says a butter flies and that is god talking.  a branch falls and that is god telling her to do something. she thinks different from the rest of us.

yeah. i'm feeling ya. that's why i love reality tv.
real people i know are religious and love jesus like those 2. most hollywood drams like Friends don't talk or feature religious people so it's not like the people i know in real life.

Michelle is  young earth creationist. she believes the bible is completely accurate account of genesis, and that dinosaurs, or dragons, coexisted with Adam, the first human in the garden of eden.

these chicks

are also young earth creationists.
another survivor sunday is also religious

personally i don't know how 2 christian women could be on a reality tv show like survivor where lying breaking promises making false oaths all for 1 million dollars, is something a christian can do but oh well. that's why i prefer reality tv with good production values

show's like friends

never in any episode i've seen featured religion, but real everyday people i meet talks about how they look to jesus for strength

i'm sympathetic with chris and zeke that kind of reasoning is sort of airy-fairy and not based on reality.
still, Michelle, Sunday Akiane et al are all alive.

in the news
these 2 boys Grant Seaver, left, and Ryan Ainsworth, right, both 13,age 13 took a drug to get high and they died

Grant Seaver, left, and Ryan Ainsworth wanted to get high off of drugs so at age 13 they're both dead.

these 2 parents were heroin addicts and they gave some to their baby, who died from heroin overdose

would you rather have parents like Sunday who go to church, love jesus and take good care of her kids, or drug addicted heroin addicts who kill their children with heroin to get them high.

would you rather have 2 sons age 13 die from drug over dose or a daughter Michelle age 27 who loves jesus and is alive happy and has a job.

the way i see it is for some people they can do drugs or jesus, jesus is a drug. jesus gets those christians high. they feel some euphoria like a drug. but they're still alive and many drug addicts die from an overdose or get into fatal car accidents contract disease like hepatitis and AIDS from needle sharing. jesus is a less toxic alternative.

as far as spiritual beliefs are concern, life's fragile so if a butterfly tells me the airplane i'm about to board is going to crash, i'll listen.

i click on news and i find this

Casey Speckman, 27, was behind the wheel of the 2015 S-Model Telsa when she crashed and burned, literally

she drove her car directly into a tree at greater than 75 mph

this is what happened.

she drove a car like this

75mph directly into a tree resulting in this

this is what the burning car looked like

1am in the morning in Indianpolis IN Nov 3rd, 2016 she and her passenger passed from from world of the living to the wold of the dead.

safety lesson don't let a woman drive, just kidding. well maybe not.a lot of news articles of a woman driving a car resulting in an accident that not only kills her but kills the passengers as well.  

safety lesson, if you drive a car into a tree it can cause your car to explode killing you instantly in a ball of fire. telsa is an electric car, and the batteries burst into flames and were very difficult for first res-ponders and fire fighters to put out, so perhaps electric cars are unsafe.

at age 27 she and some guy are dead.

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