On Donald Trump's win - explaining the white woman vote

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On Donald Trump's win - explaining the white woman vote

Post by redpill on Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:20 am

Donald Trump won. I'm not overly enamored with either Trump or Clinton.

One thing that this vote shows is that pollsters, pundits, and "experts" like psychics can make predictions that can be checked, in this case, their prediction was that hillary clinton would win.

Another prediction, esp by feminists, is that women will vote for Hillary Clinton and we will see the first woman president in US history.

well they've made a wrong prediction.

Following election Trump actually won more of the white woman's vote over Hillary Clinton.

White Women Helped Elect Donald Trump
New York Times-2 hours ago
More than half of the white women who voted in the presidential election cast their ballot for Donald J. Trump, according to exit poll data ...

White women supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton
The Boston Globe-11 hours ago
It may be one of the more shocking data points to emerge from Donald Trump's stunning presidential victory — more white women backed him ...

Trump's win boils down to white women
Opinion-CNN-7 hours ago

White Women Helped Trump Beat First Female Candidate
Wall Street Journal-16 hours ago
Donald Trump won the 2016 election thanks to his enormous backing from white voters. Did lack of support from less educated white women ...

How white women handed Trump the election, in three charts
Fast Company-7 hours ago
However, voting data from Election Day is increasingly showing that despite the historical nature of her candidacy—and the numerous women

Blame white women for country's failure to shatter glass ceiling
New York Daily News-11 hours ago
According to an early CNN exit poll, 53% of white women in America cast a ballot for Donald Trump, whose name now miraculously begins with ...

actual numbers

Trump won over 53 percent of white women, to Clinton's 43 percent, according to CBS, and he did about as well among white, Republican ...

in other words, a guy who is something of a chauvinist and sleeze and who is opposed to a woman's right to chose an abortion, got a 10 point victory over a white woman candidate for president among white women voters, who supports abortion rights.

obviously when you hear about what feminists want, and how feminists and women should support hillary clinton, how hillary becoming president will be a message to young girls of inspiration and breaking the glass ceiling, they obviously didn't predict that real voting white women voters prefer trump 10% over hillary.

prior to the actual election there were articles like this

The Daily 202: College-educated white women are Hillary Clinton's ...
Washington Post-Nov 3, 2016
Clinton is ahead only 11 points among women overall because Trump is running up his margin among white women without college degrees.

How women could vote Hillary Clinton into the White House
In-Depth-The Guardian-Nov 3, 2016

women would naturally vote for hillary, and she will win.

obviously that didn't happen

Many feminists have commented on this. I think feminists and women studies profs are clueless.

this is just one example among scores on the internet on feminists slamming white women who voted for trump, with 10% advantage over hillary

NUS Women’s Officer Hareem Ghani Slams White Women For Donald Trump’s Win
She implied white women were ‘snakes’ for voting for the Republican candidate.
09/11/2016 16:00

White Women Sold Out the Sisterhood and the World by Voting for ...
Slate Magazine (blog)-11 hours ago
And, of course, a racist view of the world that privileges white ... Trump tried to pit straight white men against everyone else—women, people of ...

salty. where were these feminists when sarah palin ran with john mccain?

feminists and women studies profs claim to have an expert level understanding of the lives and concerns of women, yet none of them predicted that real white women voters, made with real flesh and real blood, would prefer trump something of  a pig, over a fellow feminist abortion advocate hillary clinton.

i take what they say with a grain of salt, for the most part, when they say women, they are only referring to other womyn who are radicalized. some women are prolife on abortion, unimaginable to a feminist but true. some women prefer traditional heterosexual marriage and children and traditional roles. again totally unimaginable to these feminist activists and womyn studies profs. some women prefer christian religion over feminist progressive activism.

in my view if you want to know why more white women voted for trump over hillary, in enough margins to hand trump a victory

this show

shows actual women voting, in many cases voting off fellow women off the island.

reason: it is in their self-interest to do so to win a prize of a million dollars.

more white women voters saw it in their self-interest to vote for trump over clinton, for the prize of his governing and policy.

many feminists have called white women who voted for trump make them snakes and racists and going against feminism and sisterhood, what does that say about feminists?

you've been redpilled.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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