seeing all these leftists college anti-trump protestors, its time to end taxpayers

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seeing all these leftists college anti-trump protestors, its time to end taxpayers

Post by redpill on Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:58 pm

im watching the news and i hear of all these college and university students and professors protesting trump

Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks at University of Michigan anti-Trump rally

Detroit Free Press-Nov 16, 2016
Donald Trump saw an America that was a dry field, and instead of watering it to get the grass growing again, he threw a lit match on it, the Rev.

Anti-Trump protests continue at Southern California universities

LA Daily News-Nov 10, 2016
A UCLA student applies her handprints to a banner protesting oppression. The sign was unfurled on the Bruin Walk after a march on campus ...

Video Shows Anti-Trump Speaker Being Tackled at Ohio State ...

KTLA-Nov 15, 2016
A protest against the election of Donald Trump at Ohio State University was interrupted Monday evening when an anti-Trump demonstrator was ...
Ohio State student arrested after anti-Trump speaker shoved down ...
Local Source-Columbus Dispatch-Nov 14, 2016
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Towson University students, faculty speak against discrimination ...

Baltimore Sun-Nov 14, 2016
An anti-Trump "walkout" is planned for noon at Towson University. ... at Towson University's Freedom Square on Monday to express their ...
Group calls on Towson University students to stage anti-Trump ...
Local Source-ABC2 News-Nov 14, 2016
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Political Rally Held on University of Miami Campus

NBC 6 South Florida-7 hours ago
NBC 6's Marissa Bagg tells us what to expect from the scheduled protest taking place on the campus of the University of Miami on Thursday.
Anti-Trump UM students hold march in Coral Gables
Local Source-Local 10-46 minutes ago

Portland State Uniuversity Anti-Trump Protest Draws About 100

OPB News-11 hours ago
Approximately 100 students at Portland State University joined a nationwide campus walkout to protest President-elect Donald Trump.
Anti-Trump protests enter 5th straight day 13, 2016
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Rutgers prof given psych evaluation after anti-Trump tweets 16, 2016
NEW BRUNSWICK — A Rutgers University professor says he was ... of anti-Trump tweets since the Republican's presidential win last week.
Rutgers University Professor Given Psych Evaluation After Anti ...
Vibe-Nov 16, 2016
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Anti-Trump protests, some violent, erupt for 3rd night nationwide

USA TODAY-Nov 11, 2016
Anti-Trump groups called for demonstrations Friday evening in Miami ... Meanwhile, dozens of students from Texas State University rallied on ...
Thousands of anti-Trump protesters block I-94 in Minneapolis
In-Depth-Minneapolis Star Tribune-Nov 10, 2016
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US|Anti-Trump Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Several US Cities

New York Times-Nov 9, 2016
The crowd of anti-Trump protesters burned American flags and chanted “That's ... In Pennsylvania, hundreds of University of Pittsburgh students ...

Protests in Philly: Anti-Trump rallies in Center City, suburbs; Penn ... (blog)-10 hours ago
Meanwhile, at the University of Pennsylvania, President Amy Gutmann joined a campus solidarity rally where she spoke about her father's ...

so colleges and universities directly receive tax payer dollars and subsidies to function and federal and state tax payers also fund tuition low-interest loans and grants to prospective students.

something like college faculties are 98% democrat and contribute to hillary clinton and democrats over republicans like ratio of 50 to 1 and they indoctrinate students into protesting

an idea just light up in my mind

perhaps its time for the republicans and donald trump to part ways with higher education.

there is a separation of church and state, tax dollars cannot be provided to any private religious institution.

churches are allowed tax-free exemption only if they do not participate or promote politics.

since universities and higher education not only do they support democrats and hillary clinton, but they participate in protests and indoctrinate students in the way of the leftists marxist protestor

why not just stop all tax payer dollars going into higher education.

time to part ways. colleges and universities will have to relay on private donations and student tuition to stay afloat.

students will have to go to private loan providers.

parents have to cough up money to pay for private schools like catholic schools. and catholic private schools have to relay entirely on donations and tuition to stay afloat.

since universities college professors instill a religion into students, leftwing politics and anti-trump protesting

perhaps its time they like private schools should part ways with tax-payer dollars.

if the republican party is tired of the leftist college professors getting tax payer dollars only to be trashed by them, why not stop the funding?

no taxpayer money to universities and colleges anymore, no more tax payer dollars in grants and loans to students.

study elephant

i don't really see any constitutional requirement that tax dollars must support universities and colleges any more than they support private religious schools. supporting anti-trump protesting is analogous to supporting a religion, a worldview, an ideology.

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