tonight's double episode of survivor was jaw dropping

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tonight's double episode of survivor was jaw dropping

Post by redpill on Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:41 am

that was amazing strategy. gen x'ers down by 2.

aussies, take note, this is what survivor should be like

in 2 back to back episodes the leading players identified the greatest threat as Chris and he was voted out. after that, the 2 chess like players dave and zeke turned on one another.

brutal. i was on the edge of my seat.

in australian season 3 survivor the aussies sat passively and allowed themselves voted off. in this season of survivor, the sharks proactively form alliances and voting blocks and turn on one another on a dime. zeke talked to hannah and hannah tipped off she was voting against zeke. so zeke immediately switched targets from david to hannah. this is tony vlachos level treachery.

kristie bennett would have never survived US survivor. she's lucky she got to play on the first real season, and that most aussies seem ignorant on how to play it.

survivor is my fav tv show right now.

im still taking everything in and time for bed:lol!:

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