Who Killed JonBenet movie lifetime 2016 first 30 minutes

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Who Killed JonBenet movie lifetime 2016 first 30 minutes

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:55 pm

in the first 30 minutes they introduce the main characters, and i must say i'm impressed with how similar the actors look to r's. that patsy actress is a dead ringer lol.

patsy walks around with a huge cross, which i didn't realize is something she did until they showed photos.

they have a girl narrate as jonbenet's spirit on what happened.

they introduce steve thomas, who was involved in a case involving methamphetamine and even was sarcastic with the da saying he should get a dental plan, bc. methamphetamine is bad for the teeth.

i had a deja moment right there. i wonder if the producers read my blog. i'm not mentioning any names cause RIP is RIP but i know of a person, who did methamphetimines and yes she had cavities in her teeth.

they then had a dramatization of the events, the phone call, to r's calling police, to linda ardent being there telling everyone not to touch anything. she then suggests john  and fleet to look around the house and that's when john and fleet enter basement and find a lifeless jonbenet.

she's as blue as a smurf. the tape that covered her mouth was a very large piece of tape. they take her upstairs and linda arndt was saying don't touch the body after john carried it upstairs.

the crime lab had an asian guy talk about the ransom note being long - not sure who that asian guy was, chet uboski? - how the tears match the pad and how it is unusually long, and how there was a practice note.

all in all seems faithful to the events of the night. good production values.

clearly tilted towards rdi. they had arndt comment on the fact that patsy seems to be wearing the same clothes, her bed was apparently not slept in, and it seems she never went to bed.

they also show both dramatization and photos of the huge yellow stain of bed wetting bed sheets of jonbenet's bed, which i can see why steve thomas came up with bed wetting rage theory.

from idi it seems that jonbenet was abducted from her bed, and during the interaction with her killer she urinated, leaving behind that urine stain.

they talk about after the murder john insisted he's flying back to atlanta with jonbenet's body to bury her there. one of john's friends said he has to talk to LE, and the family looks like OJ simpson. OJ was still fresh in peoples minds and the media publicity it was impressed they are looking like OJ Simpson as in guilty

i think it's useful to watch for people like me who like to see dramatization and recreations as opposed to just reading about it in pmpt and steve thomas' books.

they did a good job i think in picking actors that really do look like the people they portray

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