Who Killed JonBenet movie lifetime 2016 second half

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Who Killed JonBenet movie lifetime 2016 second half

Post by redpill on Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:44 pm

personally i wish i saw this dramatization first before reading any material on this crime, since this dramatization using actors really helps put things together for me.

in second half they show steve thomas with fbi "experts" commenting on the audio tape. their conclusions that the tape says CBS The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey

“We’re not speaking to you” —John Ramsey, JonBenet’s father
“What did you do?” and/or “Help me, Jesus” —Patsy Ramsey
“What did you find?” —Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother

unlike that documentary they show a scene where steve thomas meets another person, who says that the recording is unintelligible and can be made to say anything, pointing out if someone was chinese or french they'd here "parleou pu francis"

they show fleet and priscilla white outraged they are suspects and turn on the R's, and mention the letter in newspaper accusing their former friends

they show steve thomas and lou smith meeting for the first time.

i must say the actor they used for lou smit is a dead ringer. he looks and sounds identical to lou smit, much closer than the actor they used for john ramsey or patsy ramsey or burke.

steve thomas initially expressed enthusiasm for lou smit, calling him a legend.

after 72 hours lou smit concludes jonbenet was killed by an intruder, for which steve thomas objects that 72 hours is not enough that the consensus in LE, FBI is that she was killed by the parents.

steve thomas alludes to CASKU conclusions on the ransom note.

steve thomas said he knows that lou smith solved the heather dawn church abduction in colorado, which everyone said it was the parents but it was an intruder. but in the r'd case it really was the parents.

patsy ramsey said she got a letter from a college professor proclaiming her innocence. the program doesn't mention it but they are of course alluding to so-called shakespeare professor Donald Foster

lou smiths outlines the intruder theory. he calls for an entomologists which steve thomas objects. steve thomas points out the spider web and therefore no intruder could enter through the basement window

the actor portraying lou smith provides a verbal description of lou's intruder theory, but they don't have a dramatization of this.

steve thomas thinks that the whole crime scene was staged.

i.e lou smith intruder enters jonbenet's room, stun guns her, possibly causing jonbenet to urinate into the bed, wraps her in the bedsheets carries to the basement. there he does what he wants, something sexual, when she recovers from the sun tun she screams, that scream was heard by neighbors, the intruder struck her in the head killing her, then constructed garrotte and then left the house where he came in, from the window.

steve thomas, bedwetting accident, patsy struck and killed jonbenet in a rage. the ransom note to strangulation as all staging by the parents.

lou thinks a stun gun was used by steve pointed out those things makes loud noises, for which lou replied not when pressed against the skin.

the program is unflattering to r's esp burke. they point out that burke seem unconcern about his sister's murder, with implication he killed her and parent's are covering up.

steve thomas said he wanted burke removed from home based on child abuse and may do due to human child services and protection.

they have patsy saying she lost jonbenet, she has ovarian cancer and cannot have another child, and that if she loses burke, she'll lose the will to live. implication she's covering for burke

they show interviews of the r's being interrogated. lou smith asks john if he's religious he said yes and he swears to god he didn't do this.

they show patsy being asked and she gave the replies of not giving a flying fig about science. and you're going the wrong path there buddy. classic patsy stuff.

i'm not sure if it was from actual interview or actors using their lines esp in the patsy interview.

program concludes with a voice of an actress depicting the spirit of jonbenet saying her crime is unsolved.

my own theory is the lou smith scenario + what is known from mr cruel's crimes
other possibilities is a pre-arranged agreement between jonbenet and santa claus

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