project Tricia Griffith rebuttal: Jonbenet Ramsey and Elizabeth Smart

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project Tricia Griffith rebuttal: Jonbenet Ramsey and Elizabeth Smart

Post by redpill on Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:03 pm

this is trasha griffith

Suspect trasha pictured below is an example of an anti-science denialist

this is what she claims
tricia griffith wrote:
Anti-K, this whole forum has example after example after example that an intruder did not commit this crime.

No one can show one scintilla of evidence of an intruder.

As owner, I do my best to stay out of actual discussions about a crime.

The JBR case is the one expection.

Websleuths is a leader in true crime information as well as discussion. People come here to get information. It is imperative we deal with the facts. Not fantasy.

All I ask for are facts and a logical connecting of the dots. Logic and facts.

When I get time I will be going through the forum to make sure the JonBenet Ramsey forum is being held up to the high standards just like all our other forums on Websleuths.

The days of allowing anyone to post anything because it's part of their "theory" are gone. Facts and logic. Very simple.

this is her qualifications

Host Tricia Griffith is a veteran radio disc jockey and owner of and owner of Forums for

in other words she has ZERO qualifications in forensic science. she has no training in forensic fiber, trace evidence, DNA yet she claims

tricia griffith wrote:
Anti-K, this whole forum has example after example after example that an intruder did not commit this crime.

No one can show one scintilla of evidence of an intruder.

one, tricia is fundamentally ignorant of the facts of the case. from the ransom note, to the ligature, to the tape, to the fibers, to shoeprint to dna all of which are unsourced, these are all evidence of an intruder. tricia is displaying ignorance and arrogance

second, this is Elizabeth Smart

she was abducted from inside her home by a home invading intruder

Edward and Lois Smart lived in the affluent neighborhood of Federal Heights in Salt Lake City, Utah, with their six children.[2] On the evening of June 4, 2002, the family attended an awards ceremony at Bryant Middle School. After the family returned home and got ready for bed, Ed made sure the doors were all locked, but he did not turn on the alarm. "If the children got up and moved [in the night], it would set the alarm off. And so we just said we're not going to bother with it," Lois later explained.[3]

In the early hours of the morning, Brian David Mitchell broke into the home and came to the bedroom that Elizabeth shared with her 9-year-old sister, Mary Katherine.[4] While Mary Katherine pretended to be asleep,[5] she watched the abduction,[6] and later gave these statements as to what happened:

   A white man about the height of her brother Charles (5 ft 8 in; 172 cm)[7] about 30 or 40 years old, wearing light-colored clothes and a golf hat.[2][8] (He was actually wearing black, did not have a golf hat, and was 49.)[9]
   He had dark hair, and also dark hair on his arms and on the back of his hands.[8]
   The man threatened Elizabeth with a knife. (Which Mary Katherine thought was a gun at the time)[9]
   When Elizabeth said "ouch" after stubbing her toe on a chair, Mitchell said something that sounded like: "You better be quiet, and I won't hurt you."[10]
   She heard Elizabeth ask "Why are you doing this?" and though the answer was not clear, Mary Katherine thought the answer might have been "for ransom."[10][11]
   Mitchell was soft-spoken — even polite, calm, and nicely dressed.[8]
   Although Mitchell spoke to Elizabeth quietly, Mary Katherine thought Mitchell's voice seemed somehow familiar, but she couldn't pinpoint where or when she had heard it.[12]
   She never got a good look at Mitchell's face.[13] This fact was kept a secret by the police during the investigation.[14]

By listening to the creaking floor as Elizabeth and Mitchell walked, Mary Katherine thought she could tell where Mitchell and Elizabeth were. So when it seemed safe, Mary Katherine hopped out of bed to tell her parents. But she froze in terror when she nearly ran into Mitchell and Elizabeth as they seemed to be looking into her brothers' bedroom.[15] Fearful that she had been spotted by the abductor, she crept back into her bed. "I thought, you know, be quiet, because if he hears you, he might take you too, and you're the only person who has seen this," Mary Katherine said in a later interview. "I was, like, shaking."[9] She hid for an undetermined amount of time. Investigators later concluded that she may have been hiding over two hours before she felt safe enough to come out.[5]

Just before 4 a.m., Mary Katherine came to her parents' bedroom and woke them up. She told them Elizabeth was gone, but her parents thought she was having a bad dream. Ed went from room to room, and didn't find her. Mary Katherine told him, "You're not going to find her. A man came and took her. He had a knife."[16] Still, the parents found this hard to believe until Lois spotted a screen window downstairs that had been cut with a knife.[17]

The next day, Ed and Lois went on television and asked the kidnapper to return their daughter.[18] A massive search for Elizabeth began.[10]

According to Elizabeth Smart's October 1, 2009, US Federal Court testimony, after Smart had gone to bed on June 4, 2002, a man Smart identified as Brian Mitchell had entered her bedroom and had "placed his hand on my chest and then put the knife up to my neck. He told me to get up quietly, and if I didn't then he would kill me and my family. He was whispering, but it was still loud enough it could wake someone. He was dressed in sweats, sweatshirt, stocking cap, tennis shoes." After Smart had been led to Mitchell's camp in the woods, a woman Smart identified as Wanda Barzee "eventually just proceeded to wash my feet and told me to change out of my pajamas into a robe type of garment. And when I refused, she said if I didn't, she would have Brian Mitchell come rip my pajamas off. I put the robe on. He came and performed a ceremony, which was to marry me to him. After that, he proceeded to rape me."[19]

It was later revealed during court testimony that Mitchell repeatedly raped Smart, sometimes multiple times daily and forced her to watch pornographic films.[19] He often forced her to drink alcohol to lower her resistance.

the home invading intruder was Brian David Mitchell

one of the most salient forensic facts about this case

Although police had an eyewitness, Mary Katherine's report was not very helpful to investigators. Furthermore, there was almost no significant forensic evidence such as clear fingerprints or DNA samples to help identify the abductor, hindering the investigation. A search using bloodhounds was unsuccessful in following Mitchell and Elizabeth's path on foot. Police questioned and interviewed hundreds of potential suspects including one individual, Bret Michael Edmunds, a 26-year-old drifter who was pursued across the country but ultimately was cleared of suspicion in the case after being located in a West Virginia hospital suffering from a drug overdose. One by one, the leads that were pursued often put at-large criminals back in prison, but they did not produce the desired result of finding Elizabeth.[21]

Brian David Mitchell entered Elizabeth Smart's home and overpowered her and abducted her, but forensics and detectives and investigators found not a scintilla of evidence to show this. No shoe prints, fingerprints, no dna no fiber, no point of entry, nothing.

Yet there is no dispute an intruder entered Elizabeth Smart's home to abduct her, despite not a scintilla of forensic evidence linking Brian Mitchel to Elizabeth Smart inside her home.

What this shows is it is possible that an intruder can enter a home, in this case Elizabeth Smart, overpower and abduct her, without leaving any forensic evidence.

Forensic evidence found in the Jonbenet Ramsey case, fiber, animal hair, shoe print, palm print, dna, ligature tape unsourced, by definition is evidence, and as it is unsourced it is evidence of an intruder.

certainly more extensive evidence of an intruder than what is the case for Elizabeth Smart, who, in fact was abducted by a home-invading intruder

What Elizabeth Smart case demonstrates is that an intruder can enter a home, and abduct a young female, and overpower her and leave, without leaving behind any forensic evidence behind.

when you listen to an rdi claiming there is "no evidence" of an intruder, one, Elizabeth Smart was abducted by an intruder and investigators found no forensic evidence of this in her home. Two, by definition, fiber, animal hair, tape ligature, ransom note is by definition forensic evidence and as it is unsourced it is also forensic evidence of an intruder.

RDI = it's just ignorance

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