i just watched star wars rogue one *spoilers*

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i just watched star wars rogue one *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:15 am

i just watched star wars rogue one *spoilers*

i like watching amazing alien worlds and battles and this movie delivers, except lightsaber combat, which is actually my favorite.

ground combat, rifle vs rifle of armed infantry, infantry vs at-at, x-wings vs tie fighters. me likely.

but i prefer lightsaber

they introduce a new force order, the guardians of whillis, a blind man played by donnie yen. it pays homage to kung fu movies a blind man who has mystical powers that give superhuman combat

me likey

the guardians of whillis as a force order separate from jedi and sith - episode 7 introduced the knights of ren and star wars rebels introduced the bandu and inquitors, and star wars clone wars the nightsisters

i wish i saw that blind man fight darth vader but alas it did not.

a lot of speculation about snoke being in this movie but alas that bacta tank was for darth vader, and the cloak figure not sure

there was also speculation of a star wars rebels / rogue one cross over but there weren't.

i wish i could somehow be reborn or enter into the star wars universe, more awesome than this boring universe. travel not only includes around 1 planet but visiting other planets. plus the force.

me likey

i felt kinda sad when that super tall reprogramed robot died. its like a loyal dog that tries to save your life dying. thats how i felt.

the last scenes with vader vs rebels was insane.

it reminds me of terminator 1 when terminator went against cops, robocop when he went against drug dealers, rambo vs viet congs, matrix neo vs police officers in matrix 1
magneto vs army/police in xmen, wolverine in xmen apocalpyse

i'm biased but yeah vader pwns the above. seeing vader totally pwning the rebels, by deflecting their blaster bolts and then using force to take away their guns then just slicing them was sick.

of these horror type situations where a dozen or so opponents with guns firing against a single bad guy, and the bad guy is uneffected, either he is bullet resistant like terminator or robocop, regeneration like wolverine, dodges bullets like neo, or can use magnetism to take away guns like mangeto.

vader can block laser bolts with his light saber then slices them

me likey.

and how it ends with the last rebel holding a disc with the directions from death star and giving it to another rebel through the closed door gap just before vader slicing him with his saber followed by the ship escaping to hyperspace and the disc was finally given to princess leia who said it represents hope and totally links up to the beginning scene of a new hope, insane

me likey

a movie i saw 30 some years ago being seemlessly connected to rogue one released today, just blows my mind.

vader gives that engineer guy a classic force choke.

me likey. i want that power.

i guess i wish either vader fights an old jedi perhaps kanan and ezra and kills them or we are introduced to snoke, but alas it was not to be.

but yeah it was thrilling i'm happy. Embarassed hopefully i am alive to watch episode 8 and other movies and cartoons from star wars.

ultimately i wish i could somehow master the force and use the force to my advantage in this world. Suspect the religion most similar to the force in star wars is the new age movement

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