notes on first half Reelz channel Overkill: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet part 1

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notes on first half Reelz channel Overkill: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet part 1

Post by redpill on Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:19 pm

on 12/17 Reelz channel released

not be confused with similar jonbenet documentaries released in november by AETV, ID channel, dateline NBC, CBS, and lifetime

here are some notes and comments on the first half

in the first half, they introduce lawrence schiller, ron walker, fbi agent, and paula woodward

they talk about boulder co, briefly about the r's, and then the crime. they show cut scenes from lawrence schiller's made for tv movie perfect murder perfect town, and paula woodward comments on media sensation.

the child pageant thing made the r's look bad. and how dec 26 there was no staffing no one on call, everyone was celebrating.

ron walker explains that he is an fbi agent and initially it was reported as a kidnapping, so therefore the fbi are involved in kidnappings

ron walker observations was the ransom note was too long. it was written in the house. it was written by someone highly intelligent as evidence by the use of the word attache

it was left on the staircase

fbi profiler gary mccrary comments that the staircase is a highly unusual place to leave a ransom note, therefore it seems it is someone familar with the r's, or the r's themselves placed it there.

ron walker says the language of the ransom note shows it was not done by anyone who has any experience with kidnapping, it was from someone who has never kidnapped before, and the lines were from hollywood movies like dirty harry. comments on the $118k being john's bonus and how would a small foreign faction split up such a seemingly small amount of money among several persons. comment that both the pad rn was written in and the marker was found in the home, and apparent practice note.

he concluded on the scene at the time on dec 26 the ransom note was a fake and the child would be found dead.

he apparently was not happy with linda ardnet the boulder detective at the scene for not securing the crime scene, too many people in the home

after several hours he suggests a top to bottom search of the home, which should have been done, then describes john ramsey finding it.

they showed plenty of photos for the basement where jonbenet was found and jonbenet, including photos of how she was found.

walker concludes the crime can never be solved bc so many people touched jonbenet's dead body and it's impossible to say who touched jonbenet and who did what.

in his view the r's did not cry enough, he says families normally hug one another and cry but he witness the r's not apparently crying and were not hugging one another but seemed distant.

obviously he is intimating they are the killers.

ron walker very clearly believes the rdi

as far as his claim that the ransom note was written by someone with no experience with kidnapping, he obviously believe the parents wrote it to explain why jonbenet was dead.

there is the ransom note written by kidnapper Gary Krist of barbara mackle

and this statement "payback asian drug dealer, more and more to come"

coming soon part 2 the rest of documentary and conclusions

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