Stan Garnett on Jonbenet Ramsey

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Stan Garnett on Jonbenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:43 pm

Stan Garnett

ordered another round of DNA testing, but he feels he knows *now* who killed Jonbenet Ramsey by name

Emma Reynolds wrote:
THE rockstar prosecutor for Boulder County, Colorado, has revealed to he hopes to go to trial so he can point the finger at JonBenet’s killer.

If anyone can solve the infamous case, locals believe it is District Attorney Stan Garnett, who came to the job after a string of errors by his predecessors prevented justice being found for the murdered six-year-old beauty queen.

Asked if he knew who killed JonBenet, Mr Garnett replied, “I do.” He added: “If we can ever file a case in open court, I’ll tell the world.” asked him to reveal who he thought was responsible for the death, but he declined to say.

Mr Garnett told there were “problems with the case from the start” — and DNA testing was one of the issues. This was highlighted in September’s dramatic CBS special The Case of JonBenet Ramsey, whena team of top forensic experts revealed the genetic material found in the dead child’s leggings and underwear came from two different unidentified sources, and not necessarily her murderer.

Previous Boulder DA Mary Lacy cited the DNA evidence as her reason for exonerating the little girl’s parents Patsy and John Ramsey and brother Burke of her murder in 2008.

Mr Garnett said her premature exoneration letter was an example of how “my predecessors wandered a bit” from what their role was supposed to be. He said the prosecutor’s job was “to review the evidence and decide if evidence can be brought, and if it can, to go to court.”

The DA at the time of JonBenet’s murder, Alex Hunter, decided in 1999 to go against the vote of nine grand jury members and not indict Mr and Mrs Ramsey on charges of child abuse resulting in death and accessory to a crime.

We have a really strong relationship with the police and people we send to crime scenes,” he said. “We have an officer who goes to court a lot. Jury trial is a skill.

“One issue in the 90s was that the prosecutor hadn’t been and was a little leery of going to trial. They didn’t have lawyers who knew how to use a grand jury, they waited almost two years.”

Stan Garnett is current DA. He tells an interviewer that the R's are presumed innocent, but that the exoneration letter was inappropriate. He ordered retesting the evidence for DNA, but that there is so much more than DNA.

CBI will be doing the DNA testing, reports state it will be using the latest most modern DNA testing a 20-marker standard, up from 13, 20 markers is now standard. And they may also test for specifically male DNA - STR testing.

Reading between the lines Stan Garnett says he'd like to go to court and identify Jonbenet's killer by name in court, and that he has a good working relationship with BPD.

While some names like Gary Olivia, Michael Helgoth, Santa Bill McReynolds, and even JMK have been tossed around, BPD has maintained one of the R's killed Jonbenet so if there is any name Stan Garnett want to single out, it would be JR or PR or BR, but PR is now dead and BR was too young, so only JR can be charged.

i guess i'll wait for the new retesting DNA results before continuing and commenting. Suspect Suspect Suspect

if the new DNA results reaffirm the original DNA results, would Stan Garnett still go forward and charge JR for murder or accessory to murder or manslaughter of JBR?

Stan Garnett would have to think he has evidence to prove JR did it beyond all reasonable doubt


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