i plan to wait for new dna testing results, Jonbenet 20 year anniversity

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i plan to wait for new dna testing results, Jonbenet 20 year anniversity

Post by redpill on Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:08 am

its xmas eve,

many of the news articles cite the stan garnett article he knows who killed jonbenet by name and plans to say so in court. he also states he had evidence dna retested and is waiting for results

i think i'll wait for new dna results as well before commenting on jonbenet ramsey

if the new dna results affirms skepticism that the dna is a composite profile, is innocently transferred, or is the result of contamination, i'll be less inclined for idi

every single item at the crime scene should be restested for the most state of the art dna

single-offender idi predicts that the same male dna found in the blood in her underpants should also match dna found on tape, ligature, paint brush, even blanket and barbie pink nightgown

its conceivable some dna on the items, such as tape and ligature may have innocent explanation as being touched by a store clerk or manufacturing

rdi predicts all dna results have innocent explanations

i plan to wait on results of this new round of dna testing before commenting on jonbenet

it is conceivable that stan garnett would like to charge someone who has never been named ever before, someone who lives close to the r's, perhaps within a 10 mile radius, and this person may have been invovled in other killings in colorado such as the bennet family or tracy neef.

btk killer dennis raider was never a suspect, never on any suspect list, never considered a suspect, when he was finally identified and caught when he sent a floppy disk that had erased files, digital forensics were able to find that it was dennis raider who sent the disk

denver post has these myths here's 3

Myth: Several men are continuously identified in news stories as suspects in the case including Bill McReynolds, a former University of Colorado professor who played Santa Claus and had contact with JonBenét days before her death; Michael Helgoth, an electrician who killed himself shortly after JonBenét’s murder; and Gary Oliva, a homeless sex offender with a bizarre fixation on JonBenét.

Authorities close to the investigation say McReynolds, Helgoth and Oliva have all been carefully investigated and for many years have not been considered suspects.

Myth: Handwriting experts confirm that Patsy Ramsey was the author of the ransom note demanding $118,000 for her missing daughter’s return.

Boulder police hired four handwriting experts and the Ramseys hired two who made comparisons between the ransom note and writing exemplars by Patsy Ramsey. None of the six experts identified Patsy Ramsey as the author. Although they also did not eliminate her as the possible author, the consensus was that she “probably did not” write the letter. On a scale of one to five with the high score of five being elimination, they scored her between a 4 and 4.5.

Myth: A severe blow to JonBenét’s head killed her immediately or within moments and the garrote was tied around her neck solely for staging.

An autopsy performed on Dec. 27, 1996, by coroner Dr. John Meyer concluded JonBenét was alive before she was asphyxiated by ligature strangulation. Former Boulder Police chief Mark Beckner has been quoted as saying that brain swelling indicated JonBenét lived between 45 minutes to two hours after the fracture.

trasha banned idi on websleuth saying only r's are suspects, but bpd did name and investigate other possible suspects. they were eliminated based on dna, which if you think was incidental, should then be reinstated as suspects. tricia thinks dna is worthless, but continues to ban idi on her erroneous claim only r's have been suspects.


jr was eliminated as author by handwriting, docg incompetence notwithstanding

pr was for all intents and purposes also eliminated via handwriting, hard to believe but that's the case

it would be a tremendous waste of time and money, a waste of jr's life and taxpayer money, for stan garnett to charge jr of murder of jbr in court, since his own handwriting experts eliminate both r's as authors.

so yeah 2016 dec 24, 2016 20 years to the date of the mystery.

my first non-boulder suspect is mr cruel, and second, occk

and regarding one rdi poster
jennifer wrote:
Why have the Ramseys thrown so many INNOCENT people under the bus as suspects in this case? You know about this whole subject because you wrote an article about the Ramseys doing this to Jeff Merrick. Why has that not been reported on during this 20 year anniversary coverage? Also, they SELL these people's names and stories about them for profit to the tabloids, and have for years. The list of innocent people accused by them and their associates is HUGE. NONE of these people can be placed anywhere near the victim as the three people in the house were. That is a very suspicious FACT of this case.

michael helgoth became a suspect bc his buddy i forget his name named him as such. michael helgoth told his friend he would kill a girl, and was expecting to get a financial windfall with another unnamed person. helgoth owns hi-tech boots

gary olivia became a person of interest when they found child porn, historyand discovered he lived near r's in boulder, and had a shrine to jonbenet and a stun gun

the author of that denver post is seemingly idi since he knows the actual conclusions of handwriting.

anyhow new dna testing, hopefully including other items like tape and ligature, will resolve idi vs rdi and until those results are published and made public, from cbi

i don't think there's much point in arguing over rdi vs idi at this stage, esp claims dna is a composite or it was secondary transfer.

a basic intruder theory is simply to be familiar with mr cruel, then adapt it to jonbenet case facts. even if mr cruel did not personally kill jonbenet, his actions show what and how and why a home invading intruder thinks plans then executes his crime.

if this new cbi dna testing affirms idi as i suspect it will, i'll continue with jonbenet and nicola lynas and jonbenet and karmein chan, and more thoughts on mr cruel and jonbenet, including thought experiments and profiling

the new dna testing will be done sometime in 2017. hopefully i'll be alive when the results are made public, and not killed in some traffic accident or something

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