my solution to the Voynich Manuscript - a theory as to its meaning

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my solution to the Voynich Manuscript - a theory as to its meaning

Post by redpill on Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:24 pm

the Voynich Manuscript has resisted all attempts by the most intelligent linguists code breakers and cryptographers at decipherment

this is my solution

here is a drawing from Voynich Manuscript

given that voynich drawings are surrounded by voynich text, and the handwriting and coloring is the same, it appears that the author of the text also drew the drawings, same hand.

so what could the text mean? drawings like the above have no known meaning.

here's my theory

compare Voynich drawing

with Faces by Edmund Monsiel

compare Voynich drawing


Shadows Karen May Sorensen

Voynich drawing


Cat Drawings
Louis Wain

this is January Schofield

here is her story

in my opinion the artwork of the voynich manuscript, and the themes and content, most closely
resemble artwork from artists who suffered from schizophrenia and psychosis.

the text is only meaningful to the author, it is "meaningful" not a "hoax", but meaningful to someone who like the above individuals hear voices and have hallucinations and other delusions.

i don't think it's possible to decipher, the text and drawings represent the voices and hallucinations the author had at that moment.

the author i think is high functioning enough to create the voynich manuscript and one example of a person who is reasonably high functioing was john nash of beautiful mind

the voynich text is essentially material from someone who is schizophrenic or otherwise psychotic. so to decipher it

i think the only way to decipher the Voynich manuscript is to take individuals who both have schizophrenia and other psychosis disorders, who also regularly engage in drawing and painting.

ask them to talk about their delusion and write it down in plain english. then ask them to write it down, only using coded language. ask them if the message are same and if they say yes, try to decipher the coded message with their delusion.

so not a hoax, but as it was not written by a rational individual with rational thoughts, not exactly an intelligible message either.

again imagine asking someone like january schofield to write a coded message then ask her what it means. it is intelligible to her but not to anyone else.

so that's my theory with supporting evidence Shocked Shocked Shocked

the voynich artwork and drawings are so far out there, so far removed, that i suspect the author had some form of mental illness. Shocked Shocked Shocked

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