in the news Burke Ramsey is suing CBS for $750 million

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in the news Burke Ramsey is suing CBS for $750 million

Post by redpill on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:27 pm

I think he can win, perhaps not $750 million but definitely possible.

as i pointed out earlier, the so-called experts hired by CBS aren't experts at all.

james fitzgerald claims to be a forensic linguist profiler, but he did not do a foresnic linguistic disputed authorship, by comparing known exemplars from Patsy Ramsey and the RN and using acceptable forensic linguistic methodology
fake expert

stan burke statement analysis is not an expert
and simply visiting wikipedia statement analysis has zero scientific credibility
fake expert

dr henry lee does have qualifications for forensic science
dr henry lee does not consider the trace evidence so his testimony is highly problematic
he never mentions the hi-tech shoe print, fibers, hair, cord missing paintbrush piece

expert, but faulty analysis

that falls below the standard expected of a forensic scientist.

werner spitz never considers that the ligature and strangulation occurred before head bash, whereas another group of neurologists from AETV concluded strangulation came first.

so werner spitz can and will probably lose

expert, but faulty analysis
the so-called profilers, there is no expert witness qualifications for profilers. so they're in trouble.

fake experts

cbs is going to lose if based on expert witness credibility

cbs will claim "free speech" ofc

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Re: in the news Burke Ramsey is suing CBS for $750 million

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:35 pm

CBS deserves to lose based on their sham of a run down of a case. One can surmise CBS either couldn't get the experts they wanted due to unavailability or CBS didn't want to pay them. It is not okay to hide behind Free Speech when you are subtly accusing someone of a crime, who was never a suspect to begin with. Free Speech gets abused.

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