redpill's 2016 year in review and look forward to 2017

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redpill's 2016 year in review and look forward to 2017

Post by redpill on Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:42 pm

this is the last day of 2016 let's have a look back on 2016 redpill style

yesterday amanda nunes demolished ronda rousey as she earlier meisha tate. it is highly likely ronda will retire as did meisha

it seems that pure grapplers day is coming to an end, and that striking, esp from a boxing background, is on the rise

2016 saw several jonbenet documentaries from cbs aetv nbc dateline id lifetime

burke decided to break his silence and accept interview with dr phil

daily boulder camera claims dna found on jonbenet was a composite of several individuals and not evidence of an intruder

stan garnett announced new round of dna testing for 2017 using only the latest dna technology

carrie fisher died as did her mother

i saw star wars force rogue one yeah....

sony introduced the ps4 pro, a more powerful version of ps4

the first real season of survivor for Australia, with kristie bennett the winner

season 33 of survivor millennial vs gen x with adam the winner

donald trump wins 2016 election despite all predictions of a hillary clinton landslide,

lots of leftists protestors against trump

obama allows un resolution against israel which gets a lot of publicity

australia has renewed calls for identification of mr cruel, new info on mr cruel, offers $1 million for info that leads to his identification and conviction - and dozen other cold cases including eloise worledge

in sept 2016 "Mountain Jane Doe" identified nearly 50 years after murder in Harlan County as Sonja Kaye Blair-Adams via dna

Jane Doe 59 identified in 2016 as Reet Jurvetson murdered 1969 more than 47 years

on new years eve i look forward to 2017

as far as jonbenet is concern the new round of dna testing using the latest, and retesting many items including the tape and ligature for 2017 is probably the most important news

i look forward to season 4 of australian survivor, season 34 with return of tony vlachos and aubrey bracchos and other killers and high-level players

star wars episode 8 is coming this year December 15, 2017 hopefully i am alive then i wanna know who snoke is

see what donald trump does in first 100 days

i follow science news, perhaps news of finding life or water on mars, the results of LHC on supersymmetry and string theory, new science discoveries

amd will introduce ryzen set to compete against intel core
samsung will popularize quantum dot displays

xbox scorpio will be introduced
2017 maybe the year VR becomes mainstream and affordable

ronda rousey will probably retire in 2017 and i don't have much further interest in mma, except to know latest conclusions about the most effective unarmed hand to hand combat. seems to be swinging back to striking.

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