redpill's picks in Survivor USA vs Australia may best nation win

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redpill's picks in Survivor USA vs Australia may best nation win

Post by redpill on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:30 pm

ive spent some time happily imaging this for Survivor USA vs Australia

representing team usa is Kelly Wentworth "ikabula"

pitted against

representing team Australia is Phoebe Timmins "snapau"

for those survivor fans who have seen both Phoebe Timmins and Kelly Wentworth

not only do they look similar, both found and played 2 immunity idols. Kelly Wentworth had an unbroken record 9 votes canceled and Phoebe had most in AU survivor 5. both Kelly and Phoebe played from the bottom during the merge. Both eliminated a player based on HI. Kelly was called a witch and Phoebe a snake, a big snake. lol. phoebe admits to being a scorpion woman and both were ruthlessly strategic.

can u imagine these 2 on the same team? lol who is the master and who is the apprentice?

representing team usa is Hannah Shapiro

pitted against

representing team Australia is Kristie Bennett


Both Hannah and Kristie made top 3 primarily based on alliance. hannah picked the correct alliance with david and adam and ken, and kristie lee and el. both are neurotic. both have psychological issues. both had nervous breakdowns. kristie over something stolen, hannah during a challenge. hannah admits she gets panic attacks. neither was good at immunity challenges.

hannah's funny though. interesting to imagine them together on same team or merge

representing team usa is Julia Sokolowski

pitted against

representing team Australia is Jennah-Louise Salkeld

comments interestingly both JL and Julia, both with letter J, both went against the all-girls club and then became a target. both won IC post merge

representing team usa is Michele Fitzgerald - or michelle schubert s33 since michele fitzgerald s32 won $1 million already

pitted against

representing team Australia is Felicity Flick Egginton

comments michele fitzgerald has won $1 million. she's a bartender like flick tho'. flick pissed off a lot of people to get to the top, while michele won bc she didn't piss anyone off. it was aubrey braccos who threw the jury members on the bus.

in some respects while flick and michele are both bartenders, flick and aubrey braccos played similar games in throwing teamates under bus and betrayal.

the male aussies would also include from season 3 australian survivor connor, craig, sam nick matt rohan

lee and el are probably going to get married so i don't see them returning.

male us would include

s33 chris and david jay and will

the us team would include some blacks like cydney from s32 or michaela bradshaw s33, asians like woo to be "diverse" australia has brooke who is half indian

may the best nation of survivor win.

IMO, when it comes to strategy master strategist aubrey braccos from s32 and david s33 far outclasses, australia's best master strategist.  still, there's competing in competitions, individual and team IC, and social game and making alliances. strategy is only one way to get to the end, winning immunity challenges, finding immunity idols, luck, or being in a strong alliance can get you there as well. Shocked Shocked

the major issue with australian survivor is that they all voted each other off so there's issues of trust

MELBOURNE’S Brooke Jowett admits months after finishing Australian Survivor she still feels betrayed by her former best friend on the show, Flick Egginton.

“I was in shock for a long time,” Jowett said of Egginton’s move against her.

“I just remember being absolutely betrayed by Flick.

“I know it’s a game, but you still feel so betrayed.

“She was someone I had been working with the whole game, and I had helped her out on so many times, including saving her on day 12.

“Now I’m like, why did I bother doing that?”

espite saying to Jowett, Sam Webb and Matt Tarrant — her original alliance on the Saanapu tribe — just before tribal council that she was going to vote for Rowland, Egginton didn’t.

Jowett believes now that Egginton was just biding her time before making a move against her.

“I think she was maybe waiting for a good time to take me out,” she said.

“She is playing the game and I get that, I have no disrespect in that sense.

“It just sucks as I did consider her as a friend at the time, so I just feel betrayed.

For weeks fans had been led to believe that Jowett, Egginton, and Rowland had been controlling the game — the so called “mean girls” alliance — which all three have shut down.

But Jowett’s connection with Webb, and Rowland’s with cricketer and all around nice guy Lee Carseldine, proved stronger then the all girls alliance.

but yeah pitting season 3 aussies, all of whom are in their 20's against usa survivor veterans of roughly same age.

most of the season 3 aussies are same age as millennial in s33

since they are all returning veterans make the competition and obstacles more challenging

game starts with 2 tribes ikabula and snappu, usa vs australian veterans, then halfway mix them, tribe swap, then merge

I love you I love you I love you

so in my imagination

sam webb had a problem with nick iadonza as a snake. imagine throwing sam web on an island playing survivor against tony vlachos aubrey braccos David Wright etc.

total 24 castaways all 24 survivor veterans  12 usa 12 australia - all 12 australia from s3 from 10 play
12 men 12 women most in 20s

Team USA
men - s33 chris, david, will, jay, woo, spence
women kelly wentworth, aubrey braccos, michaela bradshaw or cindy, julia s, hannah, michele schubert

players that are really bad in IC such as andrew torrens are eliminated from consideration.

woo is a better performer than tai

Team Australia
men nick matt rohan craig sam connor
women phoebe, kristie flick brooke jennah louise - tegan or kate

diversity asian woo, hispanic jay, black michaela or cindy indian- brooke gay craig

start with 2 teams aussie vs usa

mix and swap only after 1 team dominated the other, if one team loses 3 in a row

then split into 3 teams like gen x vs millenians with 5, 5 and 6 ikabula vanu takali

do double elimination during 3 tribe phase - one tribe is safe wins IC, 2 tribes that lose IC each lose a member

no pick your own tribe master race. if one tribe dominates IC then do another tribe swap

then final merge  at 11, 9 jury final 2

regularly HI + vote steal/extra vote no super idol.
no twists at TC like tribe swaps or steal tribe member

sole survivor $1 million in either US or AUD dollars depending if winner is aussie or american

some alliance i think will be made across nations if they make to merge
along the lines of birds of a feather flock together

flick phoebe and kelly

nick and matt with david aubrey hannah and kristie

julia with brooke sam connor rohan

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