people magazine investigates Jeffrey MacDonald intruder theory - Jonbenet Ramsey

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people magazine investigates Jeffrey MacDonald intruder theory - Jonbenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:49 pm

i just finished watching people magazine investigates Jeffrey MacDonald.

this case reminds me of the jonbenet ramsey case in the debate is, was it an inside job - the r's or jeffrey macdonald, or was it an intruder

the show once again has cyril wecht, who is rdi on the jonbenet ramsey case, is intruder theory on the Jeffrey MacDonald

cyril wecht believes john ramsey sexually assaulted and murdered jonbenet in sex games gone awry. in jeffrey macdonald case he examined autopsy and other crime scene and he believes an INTRUDER, or 4 if we believe jeffrey macdonald, killed the family

it is conceivable that an intruder killed Jeffrey MacDonald's family

case in point, the Bennett Family

one good example in aurora colorado is the bennett family entire family except infant wiped out by an intruder - they have intruder dna from semen found in both mother and 9 year old daughter

there are of course plenty of examples of husband killing entire family.

the documentary presented evidence i've not heard of before, which would strongly imply intruder.

1 they claim helan stockey testimony she was there, along with her bf who was also a drug addict.

2- they show there was candle wax all over the crime scene, which was never sourced. of course, for all we know they could come from a birthday cake candle weeks or years prior to the murder

3 kristin, one of the daughters had a hair that did not match any one in family

4 they found a 12 inch single blonde wig that did not match anything in the home

they found a bloody stringe in the home. presumably the macdonalds were not drug users.

a possible motive for the killing for intruders might be drug abuser upset with macdonald who was a medical doctor.

a possible motive for jeffrey killing his family is, bed wetting. kristin macdonald was a young daughter
who was sleeping in the same bed as mother collette when she urinated. so a tired jeffrey macdonald comes home after a 24 hour shift sees the bed he and his wife shared soaked with urine and then loses it.

if this sounds familiar it is a variation of steve thomas theory that patsy flew into a rage and killed jonbenet after she wet her bed

if both theories are correct, then great mysteries of kristin macdonald and jonbenet ramsey murder is due to rage over bedwetting

safety lesson - don't have children bc if they wet their bed and are found dead, you're the one to blame.

macdonald and defense want all evidence tested for dna and i 100% agree.

in 1970 when the crime happened they only had ABO blood grouping, and assumed the blood MUST come from the macdonald family. each member had a different ABO blood grouping.

the problem is that an intruder could have bled and left blood with same blood as any member of macdonald, since all of them had a different blood group.

in 2017 using a 20-marker DNA standard they should be able to determine exactly whose dna at each spot in the crime scene.

all blood should be tested with dna. touch dna on all items found at the crime scene. dna on clothing on the weapons, on the glove.

if macdonald is telling the truth there should be 1 female dna unmatched to macdonald, and 3 male dna unmatched to jeffrey.

if the dna evidence shows this then i'm intruder and jeffrey is innocent

if dna shows only macdonald dna, then jeffrrey sits where he belongs.

it's 2017 and this crime happened in 1970. jeffrey still alive.

i do believe the dna of blood and everything should be tested. i'll draw conclusions of jeffrey's guilt or innocence based on dna results.

one jeffrey did it objection is this

jeffrey macdonald was a healthy male in his 27 at the time in 1970s with some military and combat training, why didn't the 4 intruders kill him or kill him first, but totally overkilled the 3 females

as for why each female macdonald was stabbed scores of times and jeffrey only apparently once in the torso by his lung

well assuming the dna shows there were 4 people at the crime, my answer there are bad people out there that like to kill women and females, much more so than males.

this mother

shot and killed her daughters in front of her husband, but did not kill her husband bc she said she wanted her husband to live life hurt he lost his daughters, but not die.

cyril wecht said a lot of exculaptory evidence was withheld from defense and that there was reasonable doubt and this is a travesty.

of course both cyril wecht and jeffrey macdonald are both doctors.

in conclusion, order dna testing. dna test all the blood. dna test all items and clothing.

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