Meningitis B vaccination and Meningitis the story of 3 victims

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Meningitis B vaccination and Meningitis the story of 3 victims

Post by redpill on Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:33 am

i click on news and i find this

Parents' shocking video of baby 'suffering up to 14 seizures a day' after getting the Meningitis B vaccination

A 10-month-old baby is suffering up to 14 seizures a day after receiving the MENINGITIS JAB, his parents claim.

Luke Maguire and Louise McKever have released shocking footage of their son Bobby suffering a seizure in a bid to warn other parents.

They claim he has become a 'completely different baby' after his Men B jab.

The first-time parents claim to have have made more than 55 hospital visits and 999 calls since their son's routine immunisations allegedly left him racked by daily convulsions.

so 10-month-old Bobby gets a Meningitis B vaccination and the next day the parents believe the boy got severe seizures. obviously they're gonna sue.

thing is

Faye Burdett was 2 years old when she did not receive a Meningitis B vaccines due to funding and died from Meningitis B. started as a forehead rash then

so Faye does NOT receive a Meningitis B vaccines due to cost and dies from Meningitis B . Bobby DOES receive a Meningitis B vaccines and family alleges his daily severe seizures were the result.

hmmm Suspect Suspect Suspect

speaking for myself when i went to college the uni offered free Meningitis B vaccine and i didn't have any adverse result.

of course if Bobby never received Meningitis B vaccine he may have developed seizures anyway.
but sadly time machines do not exist.

also in the news is 36 year old Katie Button

A 36-year-old woman who thought she was suffering with flu died just 48 hours later from suspected meningitis .

Katie Button's devastated husband described how he fought in vain to save her life - spending 20 minutes trying to resuscitate her.

Katie returned home from work one night feeling ill and went to bed, believing she had been struck down with flu.

But two days later her condition deteriorated rapidly and she died as husband Sebastian rang for an ambulance, reported .

"She just had flu-like (symptoms), that's the only way I can describe it," he said.

"She came home from work on the Wednesday night ill and on Friday night she died.

"It was nothing for a day or two. It was nothing out of the normal. It's a bit surreal really."

Doctors have since said they suspect meningitis caused her death and Sebastian has been given antibiotics as a precaution.

Katie, from Pontyrhyl near Bridgend, who devoted her life to caring for stray and feral cats, worked as a cat carer at the Cats Protection Rehoming Centre in Bridgend.

She has also worked abroad in both Ibiza and Rhodes with animal welfare charities to trap, neuter and release feral cats.

Sebastian went with her to help the cats in Rhodes three times and the pair married there 20 months ago.

"She loved cats," he said. "We have five of them.

"There was no other thing that she was interested in other than cats. She wouldn't have it any other way."

He said that after feeling unwell for two days Katie had started to feel better during the evening on Friday, December 16.

"At one point on the Friday it even looked like she was improving," said Sebastian.

"We rang NHS Direct to check the symptoms. I just thought we would get her some tablets."

After being given advice to contact them again if her condition deteriorated, Katie went back to bed.

She woke up at 1am on the Saturday and it was different," said Sebastian.

"I rang an ambulance. It took 40 minutes to turn up, but apparently it wouldn't have done anything anyway."

He said that as her breathing became worse he rang again and was on the phone to an ambulance operator when she stopped breathing.

"They talked me through it. I was trying to resuscitate her for 20 minutes."

Sue Dobbs, centre manager at Cats Protection Bridgend, said Katie had worked there on and off for 10 years, both as a volunteer and paid member of staff.

"She was so passionate about cat welfare, particularly feral cats.

"She was so energetic and would do anything for anyone."

Sue said Katie's passion for cats was an inspiration to colleagues at Cats Protection.

Katie had also been heavily involved in the case of a stray cat often seen by shoppers around the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet and Sainsbury's supermarket in Sarn.

After numerous failed attempts to trap the cat with a view to rehoming it, Katie had decided to keep an eye on it and was going to go up on Christmas Day to give it some treats.

Following her death her colleagues decided to honour her commitment and went out on December 25.

"We are just desperately going to miss her," said Sue.

Katie's funeral is at 1.15pm on Wednesday, January 11, at Coychurch Crematorium in Bridgend.

how sad. someone who loves cats and wants to care for them to die at age 36.

i wonder why is it some like katie who does good for sentient beings die so young?
she's not a serial killer or rapist or a charles manson serial killer type.

she cares and loves for cats.

yet despite her love she died.

why do good people in the world die young like this while serial killers charles manson is still in prison?

so we live in a topsy turvey world where a young woman who loved to care for cats died young and serial killers like charles manson are still alive, as i type this.

No No No

if i were a god, i'd intervene and save katie so she can continue to relieve suffering of poor little cats of of kindness and compasion and smite serial killers like charles manson instantly.

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