The Force Awakens The Last Jedi and Snoke as Last Jedi

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The Force Awakens The Last Jedi and Snoke as Last Jedi

Post by redpill on Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:59 am

When the title for Star Wars episode 8 was announced as the Last Jedi, it was quickly discovered if you put 7 and 8 titles together The Force Awakens The Last Jedi

I simply assumed that the Last Jedi is Luke or Rey. at this point Leia is um well the actress played her is dead though they could use CGI to bring Carrier fisher/Leia back i suppose.

I didn't originate the idea but on my news feed is the idea put forward by some fans who suggested the ultimate plot twist is that the Last Jedi is none other than Snoke.

I think there's a lot to say for this.

humans have pretty short lifepsans. Snoke is nonhuman and could be very ancient. So ancient that he could be one of the very first and original Jedi from untold ages ago. In Marvel comics Apocalpyse aka En Sabah Nur was supposedly the first mutant and from Ancient Egypt, born over 5000+ years ago.

in the theory Snoke and the original Jedi practiced a very different form of the force, one that incorporated the dark side. in the book he said he saw the rise and fall of the Empire

Snoke does say if Skywalker returns, the NEW Jedi will rise. So what we think of as Jedi as Yoda and Obi Wan is for Snoke the New Jedi, and Snoke himself was one of the ORIGINAL Jedi.

the first movie then, the Force Awakens, it's not Luke who is awaken, or Rey, but Snoke. The Force Awakens the last Jedi which is Snoke. Luke and Rey represent New Jedi, in his terminology.

The original Jedi then believed in both light and dark side. perhaps Knights of ren is a jedi splinter group that used both light and dark side.

So instead of Jedi vs Sith, it's Last Jedi vs New Jedi. Snoke and Knights of Ren were the original Jedi, and the New Jedi is represented by Yoda and Luke.

in the old EU/legends Xoxaan

and Karness Murr

existed as ghost like beings, were from the earliest Jedi, who turned to the dark side. perhaps Snoke is a recycling of these ideas from old EU.

so where's Snoke been over these millennia?

all in all i think i like this plot twist. not sure if just 3 movies 6 hours is enough time, to explore this in any detail.

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