my thoughts on Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film and challenge to skeptics

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my thoughts on Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film and challenge to skeptics

Post by redpill on Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:28 am

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for several years there have been a documentary finding bigfoot. more recently there is a newer one called killing bigfoot. and not too long ago spike tv had $10 million bigfoot bounty.
long time ago monsterquest featured documentaries on bigfoot.

the most famous evidence for bigfoot of all time is Patterson-Gimlin film 1967

Has there been any attempt to recreate the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film using costume technology available in 1967?
it is trivial to recreate the patterson-gimlin film with costume technology that exists in 2015. messin with squatch jack beef commerical show this.

but with costume technology available to patterson in 1967, has any one provided a credible recreation? how hard would it be to do using technology available back then, and price?

so animal planet, discovery, SYFY Spike et al, should assemble a group of both believers, skeptics, phD and costume effects designers. bring everyone from finding bigfoot to Jaime from mythbusters to costume designers from SyFy

using only costume technology that existed in 1967

exactly reproduce this

the question is, is it plausible Patterson and Gimlin could have hoaxed it, based on reverse engineering this film?

How did Patterson and Gimlin hoax it?

there was one attempt made and it wasn't convincing

there was one attempt done with a  guy in a monkey suit and this was result

this is 2017, sure it should be possible to duplicate what Patterson and Gimlin

that includes bulk of the creature and size of arms ratios etc

again, an exact duplication/recreation of the Patterson film. that includes color, breasts, hair quality, fur etc.

if i only had a time machine, going to be at this time and place with a high powered rifle so i could shoot and kill that figure is something i badly wish i could do.


if it is a hoax, if Patterson and Gimlin hoaxed it, it should be easy to reverse engineer and duplicate using actors, tall actors, and costume technology that existed in 1967

another possibility is offer say $10k to anyone using only costume technology that existed in 1967 for enthusiasts to submit on youtube their own Patterson recreation film, with explanation how they did it.

if they can pull it offer, the best example gets $10k

winner must not only recreate this

but also the movement and walking as featured in the film using actor in a suit.

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