Many RDI I suspect are actually trolls and bullies - why intruder theorists prevail

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Many RDI I suspect are actually trolls and bullies - why intruder theorists prevail

Post by redpill on Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:12 am

Many RDI I suspect are actually trolls and bullies

there are  a lot of trolls out there. there are a lot of bullies out there. bullies like to bully.
Bullies want to bully and trolls want to troll.

Since many think R's are guilty of murdering their daughter, that makes them vulnerable to bullies and trolls.

this is one way to tell

take for example Tricia Griffith

she claims to be following this case and has been since the beginning. she created websleuths and forumsforjustice originally to "expose" the R's for murdering their daughters.

in almost 20 years of her trolling on this case she has never studied

she and her other RDI posters have never studied any forensic science, not on websleuth, not on forumsforjustice, reddit topix etc

she has never studied

she has never studied

she claims DNA is no evidence of an intruder but she never studied

no RDI has studied or read

and then watched real world applications of trace evidence and crime scene reconstruction on shows like

many episodes are on youtube for now.

Tricia Griffith and RDI on all the forums from cynic to ukguy have never studied this, never read any books on the subject, never watched documentaries and crime shows that show how trace evidence can solve crimes, yet they claim "RDI" no evidence of an intruder.

they claim this is "justice"

if they studied the science and applied the science to the facts of the Jonbenet ramsey crime scene, then they would be on more morally solid ground

since they never have, i say they're bullies and trolls.

they are commenting on something which they've never studied in any capacity at any time ever.

NO RDI poster has ever seen

Trails of Evidence: How Forensic Science Works (Great Courses) (Teaching Company)
by Professor Elizabeth A. Murray (Author)

which my library has this and many Great Courses from Teaching Company.

this channel

frequently details the actual evidence found that solves crimes. in many cases, the fiber, hair, cordage, tape, is much less evidence than what was found in the Jonbenet Ramsey case, but it proves intruder theory in other crimes, or the victim was in the perpetrator's home or vehicle.

Find me just 1 RDI poster who has studied all of the above material, demonstrates an actual understanding of the relevant forensics, and its application to the Jonbenet Ramsey case.

Since NO RDI poster has ever studied or reviewed the relevant literature, their "conclusions" are not conclusions grounded in forensic science.

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