safety thoughts about murder and travel Catherine Johannet

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safety thoughts about murder and travel Catherine Johannet

Post by redpill on Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:07 pm

recently Abigail Williams 13 and Liberty German 13 wanted to go hiking in the woods on
Monday  Feb 13, 2017

they were murdered there.

so there are obvious safety issues involving preteen girls and walking in woods. you can get murdered.

if they were accompanied by an adult male would they be murdered?  Or if i or you  were there instead of those 2, would I or you be murdered?

how safe is it to walk in the woods, when Abi and Libby were both murdered?

one life event everyone loves is to travel recently

Catherine Johannet Columbia University  graduate age 23 wanted to travel. So she travelled from New York native USA to Panama, to Panama's  Bastimentos Island in the Bocos de Toro

she updated her social media saying she found paradise.

I found paradise and it's called Isla Ina!

for some reason this didn't post the entire post, possibly due to internet

but yeah

u can travel to paradise and be murdered there.

so how safe is travel and how to reduce risk of murder?

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