the mystery of snoke's origins has been revealed *spoilers*

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the mystery of snoke's origins has been revealed *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:21 pm

today i learned the mystery of snoke's origins

this post contains spoilers

in books published by  STAR WARS Aftermath: Empire’s End

which bridges events from ROTJ to TFA

the creative team had many creative choices

Snoke could be

darth plageuis
former jedi or sith
ancient sith
ancient jedi
some ancient being awaken or released from a tomb - mummy and xmen apocalpyse has followed this
something new and original outside the galaxy

of all the possible choices, they decided to make Snoke a being from outside the main SW galaxy

so star wars is in a galaxy far far away, snoke is from a galaxy far far far away

in the old EU there was the youzong vong

that originated from outside the galaxy and then attacked the galaxy

kinda like the borg in star trek

disney made the old eu obsolete but they decided to make snoke a dark side force user from outside the star wars galaxy, from the unknown region

so snoke is not a sith. he is a dark sider from unknown region outside the main galaxy.

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