i'm watching Survivor Game Changers

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i'm watching Survivor Game Changers

Post by redpill on Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:38 am

first episode siera boot.

it was quite entertaining to see my fav sith tony vlachos go head to head with sandra

in star wars the hutts despite their slug like appearance are gangsters.

well in survivor sanda is a hutt.

she got one of the most entertaining characters in tony voted off. even the vote off, like lambs to the slaughter good job sanda

sanda that's what you get for plotting against me. say hi to sierra for me. hahahaha!

thats some sith class talk right there.

then caleb went. watching troyzan this is my island hoes! fake being over excited and getting the idol was fun.

then today 2 teams went to tribal, jt tells brad they're targeting ciera and then jt's close ally malcom got voted off via idol tai gave to cierra, if i spelled that right

malcolm was crying. brutal game.

survivor is a metaphor for life. you never know if someone has an agenda to take u out No

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