What if Mr. Cruel was in Boulder and learned of Jonbenet Ramsey

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What if Mr. Cruel was in Boulder and learned of Jonbenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:43 pm

this is a continuation of my

Jonbenet Ramsey Mr. Cruel thought experiment dealing with specific aspects of the Jonbenet Ramsey crime.

Suppose Mr. Cruel

flew in from Melbourne Australia to Boulder Colorado in Dec 1996 to ski and learned of Jonbenet Ramsey from her participation in child beauty pageants.

pictures of Jonbenet

he decides to target  Jonbenet Ramsey, and his schedule allows him to visit Dec 25, 26, and afterwards his vacation is over and he flies back to Melbourne Australia.

how would you predict he would perform his crime based on his interests, his personality, his character, his modus operandi, his skillset, his attributes, his capabilities,  and his past experiences?

what sort of equipment would he bring? what kind of items? what items would he leave behind at the crime scene?

i.e would he snatch Jonbenet Ramsey from the street, or would he enter her home? would he enter in the day or at night? would he enter with parents present or parents absent? would he bring white nylon parachute cord and dark electrical tape? would he write a ransom note? would he leave the body at the crime scene or bring it with him? would he engage in sexual activity with Jonbenet? Would he leave behind semen? would he remove items from the crime scene?

we can include Eloise Worledge and Seanna Tapp, among others, either he participated in those crimes, or he was intimately familiar with them, as they also occurred in Melbourne Australia during his time.

so again, what if Mr Cruel was in Boulder Colorado and on Dec 25-6, 1996 decides to target Jonbenet Ramsey. based on his previous crimes, his interests, his victim profile, his MO, and the fact that on Dec 27, he would be heading back to Melbourne Australia how would you predict his crime would occur.

now compare the prediction of what Mr Cruel would do to what actually happened to Jonbenet Ramsey

compare what you would predict Mr Cruel would leave behind the crime scene, what what evidence was found at the Jonbenet Ramsey crime scene.

how well does a theoretical prediction of what Mr Cruel would do if he was in Boulder Colorado based on his previous crimes, compare with the evidence found in the Jonbenet Ramsey crime scene?

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