what if Mr Cruel were in Boulder, would he target Jonbenet Ramsey?

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what if Mr Cruel were in Boulder, would he target Jonbenet Ramsey?

Post by redpill on Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:10 pm

Suppose Mr Cruel were in Boulder Colorado in Dec 1996

would he target Jonbenet Ramsey in her home on Christmas night, with her family present?

Jonbenet Ramsey was in her home on night of Dec 25, 26, with her family present.

in all of Mr Cruel's known crimes he arrived at the victim's residents, either with parents present, or waited for them to leave and then struck, at night, under cover of darkness

Sharon Wills was with her family and sisters, in their home, on night of Dec 26, 27 1988 when Mr Cruel entered the home, with her parents present, and entered Sharon Will's bedroom and removed Sharon Wills from her bed.

Investigators believe Mr Cruel targeted all his victims based on the fact their names and photos of them appeared in newspapers shortly before their assault.

Jonbenet Ramsey was famous and in the news media as a young child beauty queen.

Mr Cruel targetted 10 year old Sharon Wills, and as many as a dozen other young girls, in their home, on Dec 26, 27, 1988

this is 10 year old Sharon Wills
Mr Cruel thought 10 year old Sharon Wills was beautiful and good looking enough was worth the risk
of entering her home with her parents present, into her own bedroom, abduct her from her bed,

compare Sharon Will's appearance with this is Jonbenet Ramsey

pictures of Jonbenet

keep in mind Melbourne Australia did not have any child beauty pageants in his native Australia, until around 2014.

If Mr Cruel wanted a white girl child beauty pageant winner, he'd have to travel to the USA, and Jonbenet Ramsey was already famous for this

Mr Cruel is a pedophile. he is sexually attracted to young girls. he is willing to enter their homes with the parents present, as opposed to snatching them off the streets like OCCK, to gain access to young girls.

Pedophilia is a sexual attraction much like homosexuality. Beauty, good looks, physical attraction plays a huge role in sexual interest and sexual attraction. Mr cruel found Sharon wills to be beautiful, so he certainly would have found Jonbenet Ramsey attractive.

so yes, if Mr Cruel flew in from Melbourne Australia to Boulder Colorado in Dec 1996, he absolutely would have heard of Jonbenet Ramsey due to her participation in child beauty pageants, and would have found her alluring. he found Sharon wills beautiful so he would certainly find Jonbenet attractive.

given Jonbenet was murdered in her own home with parents present and all evidence points to an intruder, my theory was that Mr Cruel was in fact in Boulder Colorado in 1996.

sapir whorf hypothesis

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Re: what if Mr Cruel were in Boulder, would he target Jonbenet Ramsey?

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:43 pm

It is certainly plausible and explain why there was no match found for the touch DNA found on JonBenet's clothing. If there was an international DNA database it might show up.

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