Would Mr Cruel fly from Melbourne Aus to Boulder Co to meet Jonbenet Ramsey?

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Would Mr Cruel fly from Melbourne Aus to Boulder Co to meet Jonbenet Ramsey?

Post by redpill on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:14 pm

tl;dr yes

this is 34 year old Maria Strydom

she was born and raised and worked in Melbourne, Australia.

She vacationed in Mount Everest. She climbed it, and on her way down, she died.  What a Face

she flew from Melbourne to Mount Everest solely to climb and on her way down she developed altitude sickness and died

this is Kristie Bennett

she is from Sydney Australia.

She flew from Sydney Australia to NYC NY solely to watch the winner of  Survivor Millennials vs Gen X, which turned out to be Adam

one, Aussies travel, Aussies fly. two, Aussies travel solely to travel. In Maria Stryderom, solely to visit Mount Everest. Here Kristie Benett flew to New York from Sydney, a much greater distance than Melbourne to Boulder, solely to watch the winner of  Survivor Millennials vs Gen X

one reason Mr Cruel would fly from Melbourne to Boulder is to ski
December is a good time to ski in Boulder

photos of skiing in Boulder Co

Boulder has world class skiing

Ski Resorts in Boulder, Colorado | USA Today
traveltips.usatoday.com › ... › Colorado Travel › Colorado Ski Resorts
Boulder, Colorado is a fabulous place to live for skiers. It is less than two hours from what is known to be the best skiing in the country. Beginners can have a ...

anyone who has ever been to Boulder to ski knows there are hundreds of Australian nations who flew from Australia, some from Melbourne, and are vacationing in Boulder Co, solely to ski.

there are Australian nationals in Boulder Co, esp to ski. Aussies travel. Aussies ski. Boulder has world class skiing

in addition to skiing, he could have business interests, perhaps he has friends and family, perhaps school commitments, maybe he's a led zeppelin fan and led zepplin was playing

another possible reason to fly to Boulder is solely to attend girl's pageant, which they didn't have in Australia but they have in USA

Mr Cruel in Melbourne Australia does research in young girls, but knows after killing Karmein Chan in 1991 he has to keep a low profile. His research leads him to learn about young girl beauty pageants. He is transfixed. Problem? there are none in Australia and won't be until around 2014. So he decides to fly to USA, and learns of Miss Colorado and flies to Boulder solely to meet Jonbenet Ramsey.

he of course would learn about

and it's clear he would pay her a visit at her home on the night of Dec 26, 1996, as he had previously been to the home of Sharon Wills on night of Dec 26, 1988.

Mr Cruel has reasons to be in Boulder Co to ski, to visit young girl beauty pageants. Once he learns of the Miss Colorado Jonbenet Ramsey, he certainly has reason and motive to pay her a visit.

After killing Karmein Chan in 1991 he kept a very low profile, and decides that 1- he wants something better a young girl beauty pageant winner and 2- he has to happen in a nation outside Australia, where he is a completely unknown.

he certainly has the skillset to pull of this crime.

steps of Mr Cruel. He kills Karmein Chan in 1991 and at this point he is the subject of the largest child sex offender investigation in Victorian history. he lays low.

he either wants to ski and/or he learns of young girl beauty pageants

he goes wow. he tells friends and family he plans to go skiing in Boulder Dec 1996, and flies from Melbourne Airport to Denver Airport. Arrives in USA where as a white English speaking male he blends in

he visits Jonbenet on Dec 26, 1996 just as he visited Sharon Wills on Dec 26, 1988

after entering home molesting photographing then killing jonbenet, he hops on the airplane and flies back to Melbourne Australia

Boulder PD concludes the parents did it, Ramsey's did it,  and so Mr Cruel's mission is a complete success. And Australian law enforcement never heard of Jonbenet Ramsey so they never consider contacting FBI about a possible connection.

based on everything that is known about Mr Cruel, after 1991 killing of Karmein Chan he kept a low profile and remains unknown and unidentified to this very day. and 2, he has intense interest in young girls. he at some time may learn of young girl pageants in Australia, but the only place he can go is in USA. he can also ski while in Boulder Co.

no one in Australia would think Mr Cruel was involved with Jonbenet Ramsey. No one in USA has even heard of Mr Cruel or knows anything about him. He has committed the perfect crime. Mr Cruel is a mastermind. there are 4 known but as many as a dozen over a decade all involving entering home and accessing young girls.

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