outerlimits and why i support a woman's right to choose an abortion

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outerlimits and why i support a woman's right to choose an abortion

Post by redpill on Tue May 02, 2017 6:02 pm

one of the very best episodes of Outerlimits

that's why i support a woman's right to choose an abortion lol.

think of how many future serial killers terrorists thieves robbers rapists bullies drug addicts mass shooters homicidal psychopaths are aborted every year.

the only thing that would change my mind is if some higher power tells me to be prolife in exchange for miracle like super powers.

note to self if someone materializes out of thin air and asks for your name and points a gun,
lie then run

i think with some simplification and re-arranging it could be made as a movie.
better than that crap film minority report

to make it easier to understand, i wouldn't have theresa go back in time to remove fingerprint
and i wouldnt have her killing jerome horowitz. instead of saying a fetus pretemporal cortex i would have teresa talk about string theory and superconductors. something for science nerds.

the fewer times teresa goes to the past the easier for audience to understand.

i'd have jamie pratt go back in time to confront jerome horowitz.
i'd also keep the wormhole to the past open, then closes. rather than using that cheap hand held device.

more discussion on fbi on finding the serial killer who killed all those men.

actress amanda plummer - theresa givens won an emmy for her performance.

if there was one thing i wish i could do, it is time travel. if you could time travel to the past, could you change it?

if i am killed in a car accident tomorrow, one that i can easily avoid by taking a different route or slowing my driving, could i time travel before the lethal event and make a different choice?

playing video games is one of the closest experience, every time i die, in the video game, i get another chance to play and each time i play i learn and make different choices and overtime i get better.

sadly with life u die game over instantly.

of the many time travel stories i've seen from back to the future to terminator to 12 monkeys to time machine by hg wells to star trek and x-men, minority report

i'd say this one is one of the best ones, most realistic. i'm surprised they didn't use real life serial killers like ted bundy john wayne gacy etc

one obvious issue is going back in time and killing a future serial killer before they actually kill someone.

i.e killing ted bundy as a teen boy, before he actually killed anyone.

in the first killing robert beck looked to be fairly old so if he did kill 8 women he started very old age.
what if teresa killed beck at a young age of say 12?

i think this story premise could be made into multiple movies as each time the time traveler gets sent back in time, one of the women whose lives are saved completely changes the time line and gets something completely broken, like setting off a nuclear war or something.

and someone steals teresa's time machine trapping agent jamie pratt in time.

eventually the only conclusion is to not go back in time, kill teresa before she makes the time machine, and allowing the serial killers to kill women, bc time travel screws up everything.

i think it was star trek where they went back in time, which during the cuban missile crisis in 1960, which then caused a nuclear ww3 between usa and soviet, destroying planet earth in 1960.


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Re: outerlimits and why i support a woman's right to choose an abortion

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Tue May 02, 2017 9:59 pm

It would be nice to not have the killers born at all but there is no knowing how they are going to turn out and what road they are going to go down. Their mothers Certainly don't know know what kind of evil person they are carrying within them. When you look at a baby there is no way of knowing who is going to embark on a criminal path as an adult. Our laws are set up that only after someone commits a crime can they be arrested for said crime or any other. When it pertains to Ted Bundy and his victims and nobody knowing who he was. The lack of communication between counties and states would have helped and perhaps he would have gotten caught sooner and saving lives. Ted Bundy didn't raise alarm bells in any of his victims at first sighting and he often wore a sling or looked harmless in some other way and needed help. His victims were none too willing. Perhaps if Ted Bundy and other dangerous criminals had a tattoo on their forehead to alert their victims and others so we would know to avoid them. The best we can do is listening to our instincts about someone that could be warning us we need to avoid this person. JonBenet Ramsey would still be alive today if her killer had such an identifier on him or had died before he could kill her. Or if her family hadn't slept so soundly and could have come to her aid and saved her life.


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