rootless writer on my occk-your suspect reddit

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rootless writer on my occk-your suspect reddit

Post by redpill on Thu May 04, 2017 11:40 pm

rootless writer i've seen your posts on reddit

is there a way you can publish either on reddit, or contact the admin here or head over to jonbenet wiki

and outline who you think killed jonbenet

as i understand it,

you were working on the OCCK murders. while you were researching OCCK, you had a theory as to who the OCCK is.

then you found my post linking Jonbenet ransom note to the OCCK allan letter, and you know your OCCK suspect lived in Colorado not far from Boulder

so you want to link your OCCK suspect to Jonbenet via my OCCK-JB theory
which is why you wanted to get a hold of me.

so who is your suspect, and what info do you have on him that he's the OCCk? any photos of him or list of crimes he's done?


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