from Holdontoyourhat to redpill to MurderMysteryReader and rootlesswriter

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from Holdontoyourhat to redpill to MurderMysteryReader and rootlesswriter

Post by redpill on Thu May 25, 2017 11:17 pm

MurderMysteryReader wrote:I agree. RDI won't even get the facts straight about the case or they just want to believe what they want to believe.

you got me interested in tell you a story, a legend. the legend of voynich.

this is the story. this is the history of how redpill came to be and the future

many years ago when i first arrived on websleuth i was greeted by


who is R.D.I

and Holdontoyourhat

who is IDI

i was apprenticed to Holdontoyourhat

at the time i joined websleuth i was like luke and  Holdontoyourhat was like Obiwan

at the time i didn't know anything of jonbenet, but superdave got me interested. he has a way with words. the one thing i am a huge superfan of,  superdave has some knowledge of.  

superdave is like savage opress

i was just learning the Forensics. i didn't know anything of jonbenet or relevant forensics except that i did watch a couple of documentaries on 20/20 and 60 minutes and read some articles. eventually i would read PMPT and Steve Thomas book.

i did, read some Forensics and i also watched the Forensic Files

in Forensic Files a single fiber, a single strand of hair or DNA or fingerprint was enough to solve the case.

in the Jonbenet we had several all unsourced. it seems No RDI has ever seen even a single episode of Forensic Files

Holdontoyourhat  is IDI and his theory is that a north korean agent of kim jung un traveled from north korea to boulder to abduct Jonbenet as a kind of toy for the great leader.

the ransom note says "small foreign faction"
and he took that the author was truthful, and therefore from north korea

ransom note said 2 gentlement watching over you don't particularly like you

he took that literally, there were 3 people at least, in the Ramsey home that night

he thinks the ransom note was written by ESL - english as a second language

that was his theory. for some time he was the only IDI on websleuth.

he told me there was a paintbrush that had the word korea printed on it, so he became convinced jonbenet killer was north korean.

i did ask Holdontoyourhat  if there were any other examples of north koreans committing crimes like jonbenet in the usa or canada. for example there are example of muslim suicide bombers in usa and britian, famously 9-11 and one just this week in the UK at Ariane Grande concert.  he said he could think of none. there were a couple of examples of north koreans abducting south koreans and maybe a japanese or two, but no known example of a north korean coming to USA and abducting someone.

Holdontoyourhat  acknowledged that there was only 1 person on the planet who held this theory, that a north korean intruder entered the ramsey home, him. alone.

Holdontoyourhat  like me was banned from websleuth. with crimeshots down and kim jung un dead he seemingly has disappeared forever and with him, his theory of a north korean intruder.

will my mr cruel theory also disappear forever?

it did get me to consider the possibility that  jonbenet ramsey was a victim of a serial home invading pedophile but there was NONE anywhere in the USA or Canada. None. there is no crime series involving multiple young girls in their homes anywhere in the USA or Canada.

but i quickly found one example, in Australia - Mr Cruel's.

and my mentor Holdontoyourhat who i was an apprentice to and learned from, was insistent the killer was foreign

why not a serial home invading pedophile from Australia, who speak English and are racially white?

most of the posters there were rdi - superdave ukguy raven etc. but there were some idi like makai ziggy and roy23. they only participated sporadically.

after i and  Holdontoyourhat  got banned from websleuth jonbenet he became status quo on a new forum crimeshots

on crimeshots i re-met superdave, and i also met  Holdontoyourhat  as statuos quo as well as fairm rupert mama zen9000 angelwings blue hippo smurf and inspector rex

of all the people who banned me it was my former apprentice superdave from crimeshots, which then shut down permanently. i have no idea what they're doing.

researching IDI i learned of a jameson "sue bonnet" as some say.

one thing i learned about Rupert is he is a huge fan of John Douglass Mindhunter. It's clear that book on FBI profiling was life-changing for him. i did watch silence of the lambs so. and i love the idea of magical psychic super powers.

before i got banned though mama invited me to this forum. so here i'm. if mama hadn't done that then that would have been in the end of the mr cruel murdered jonbenet

so now i met you MurderMysteryReader

remember i think of myself and  Holdontoyourhat

this is what i think of myself and you MurderMysteryReader

im an older wizen luke on achto, you're rey

im teaching you the ways of the Forensics and of the mr cruel murdered jonbenet idi theory

when i'm gone, you will be the last justice - idi or JIDI

you are the Mr cruel did it last hope, after i am gone. MCDI

but as Yoda would say,

no, there is another

there is another community of sleuths who work on OCCK

Helen Dagner is the most famous person working on it, and i think she might still be alive

i wrote of Jonbenet ramsey ransom note and Allan Letter in OCCK

a OCCK sleuther named rootlesswriter saw my post, thought it was the best thing he's ever read. i love flattery. after all, getting banned i should call myself Darth Banned

i appreciated his flattery. he has done his own research on OCCK and he has a suspect who moved to Colorado. so he thinks with my OCCK-JBR Allan letter theory combined with his own theory on OCCK

he's IDI and promotes it on topix and reddit. i told him as long as he gives me some credit, which he does i'm happy, but i think mr cruel is a stronger suspect.

but yeah on topix and reddit rootlesswriter is pursuing my occk-jonbenet idi theory.

rootlesswriter reminds me of this

so MurderMysteryReader and rootlesswriter  if you both are reading this that is the tale of the redpill.

the secret history before i took the redpill

by redpill i mean the daubert standard in forensics. something that scared superdave away and made him ran away from crimeshots with his tail tucked between his legs.

SD is more machine than man. twisted and evil.

if i were die in a car accident tomorrow, and if this forum closes down permanently like crimeshots

you two MurderMysteryReader and rootlesswriter are the last JIDI

the lineage can be traced back to both   Holdontoyourhat  and indirectly to  superdave

i luv star wars I love you I love you

incidentally rootlesswriter if you're reading this

regarding OCCK

i know your suspect is dead

but i think OCCK might still be alive, and he recently killed these two

Abigail Williams and Liberty German,  


Lyric Cook, 10, and her eight-year-old cousin Elizabeth Collins were murdered hundreds of kilometres away in Iowa

Elizabeth Collins, 8, vanished in July 2012 in eerily similar circumstances

but also

Taylor Paschal-Placker and Skyla Whitaker

this guy

the photo of that man is OCCK !

the jidi must come to an end
if this forum shuts down

MurderMysteryReader  you will be the last jidi

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Re: from Holdontoyourhat to redpill to MurderMysteryReader and rootlesswriter

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Sun May 28, 2017 6:15 pm

It is most likely that I will be as I don't know if the rest of the IDI are still following and posting about the case. Yes I will continue posting your Mr. Cruel theory in the event you are no longer alive to do so. It is a good one and matches the type of intruder if not the intruder better than any one out there. I find it sad forums discussing this crime are shutting down since there is still so much to discuss and it has to be talked about if it is ever going to be solved. No one should forget about JonBenet Ramsey until that happens.

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