my idea for a bigfoot reality tv show part 1

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my idea for a bigfoot reality tv show part 1

Post by redpill on Sat May 27, 2017 8:41 pm

there are a variety of bigfoot reality tv shows out there

the most famous is of course finding bigfoot

one thing i don't care for about finding bigfoot is they do what seems to be a 1 day night investigation, stay in 1 area for like 2-3 days then move on. i don't know how long they are there actually.

every episode is like every other episode

spike tv had one $10 million bigfoot bounty

and there's a few others mountain monsters and monsterquest

independent of this there are reality tv shows on wilderness survival

one i know well is naked and afraid

naked and afraid xl is one location for 40 days

another one is Alone
Bear Gyllis has several episodes

mtv had one recently for million dollars

my idea is to combine naked and afraid xl / Alone

with a bigfoot search directive

get several primitive survivalists from naked and afraid xl / Alone

they can have all kinds of gear and equipment and won't be naked

combine with some bigfoot hunter enthusiasts

and drop them off in 1 location in the pacific north west for like say 90 days or even longer

a location known to be a bigfoot hotspot

i.e alone winners Alan Kay David McIntyre Zachary Fowler
with xl thrivers like EJ and Jeff

some women to Carleigh Fairchild

perhaps even fingding bigfoot bobo matt renee cliff

give them some equipment and cameras and basic food weapons for bears
IR thermals tents backpacks boots

concern i have about atv and horses is how highly dangerous they are

and every day they have to hike explore and actively look for bigfoot

they can tap out any time.

they get money if they make it all 90 days

bonus if they have convincing evidence of bigfoot

perhaps have an actor in a gorilla suit as a fun thing to show up from time to time

see if they can spot one. smaller bonus. big bonus for an actual bigfoot but a smaller bonus for finding the planted actor bigfoot


this is different from finding bigfoot in that they are staying in one hotspot for 90+ days
and searching both day and night

they may be asked to move from one spot to another, but in one general area for 90+ days

any possible evidence tested for DNA

redpill's bigfoot 90 day challenge

they would be also producing footage like this

and footage of them interacting and talking to one another like any reality tv show

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