Patsy Ramsey handwriting "inconclusive"? read the experts

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Patsy Ramsey handwriting "inconclusive"? read the experts

Post by redpill on Sun May 28, 2017 5:42 pm

MurderMysteryReader wrote:You are right they can't. The RDI just swallowed what the media fed them about the case and the Ramsey's and went with it. Uneducated people do that.

i was thinking of Mark Beckner LOL Laughing

this is what he says on reddit

3. Suspicion fell on JonBenet’s parents due, in part, to the bizarre circumstances surrounding her death. The little girl was reported missing after Patsy Ramsey told police she found a ransom note on the stairs of their home. The note writer claimed to have taken JonBenet -- despite the girl’s body later being found inside the home -- and demanded $118,000 for her safe return. The note was written on paper from inside the family’s home and demanded the exact amount of a bonus John Ramsey had recently received at work.

Handwriting tests conducted on both parents and compared to the ransom note indicated that John Ramsey did not write the document, but Patsy Ramsey’s test results were “inconclusive.” Beckner said in the Reddit thread that investigators found it suspicious that the note was written at the scene, with instruments found in the house.

"No note has ever been written at the scene, and then left at the scene with the dead victim at the scene, other than this case,” Beckner said.


this is what Richard Dusak says

Richard Dusak

   Dusak Findings. "Richard Dusick (sic) of the U.S. Secret Service concluded that there was "no evidence to indicate that Patsy Ramsey executed any of the questioned material appearing on the Ransom Note." (SMF P 200; PSMF P 200.)" (Carnes 2003:26, note 14).
   Qualifications. Dusak is a member of the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners. According to ABFDE: "The American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE) is the only certifying board sponsored by the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners, the Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences, The Southeastern Association of Forensic Document Examiners, the Southwestern Association of Forensic Document Examiners, and is recognized by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences."

so when Richard Dusak says "no evidence to indicate that Patsy Ramsey executed any of the questioned material appearing on the Ransom Note"

that means "inconclusive" according to Mark Becnker and RDI

Edwin F. Alford, Jr.

"Examination of the questioned handwriting and comparison with the handwriting specimens submitted has failed to provide a basis for identifying Patricia Ramsey as the writer of the letter."

also means "inconclusive"  according to Mark Becnker and RDI

Rile Findings. "Howard Rile concluded that Mrs. Ramsey was between "probably not" and "elimination," on a scale of whether she wrote the Ransom Note.

so when you fact check what RDI and Mark Beckner et al say against the original experts
it is conclusive. Patsy for all practices and purposes was eliminated

Myth: Handwriting experts confirm that Patsy Ramsey was the author of the ransom note demanding $118,000 for her missing daughter’s return.

Boulder police hired four handwriting experts and the Ramseys hired two who made comparisons between the ransom note and writing exemplars by Patsy Ramsey. None of the six experts identified Patsy Ramsey as the author. Although they also did not eliminate her as the possible author, the consensus was that she “probably did not” write the letter. On a scale of one to five with the high score of five being elimination, they scored her between a 4 and 4.5.

these forensic facts doesn't stop the Patsy did it, Patsy wrote the ransom note, it's Patsy handwriting

Mother Gone Bad Andrew hodges author claims Patsy wrote it in a fit of psychosis

there is no scientific validation for hodges "thought prints" b.s

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Re: Patsy Ramsey handwriting "inconclusive"? read the experts

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Sun May 28, 2017 6:04 pm

I never looked at Andrew Hodges Mother Gone Bad book and he was just trying to smear her reputation by writing it imo. Mark Beckner is an idiot and a joke. He should not have ever been investigating real crimes. Some of the reporters covering the case thought the Ramseys were good for this and went on a campaign trying to convince the American people to think the same. I watched the lifetime movie of the case and the real expert in the documovie had examples of Patsy's handwriting given to him by two of Patsy's closest friends and came to the conclusion she had not authored it. Personally I think those who thought Patsy had written the note were influenced by their belief that she had written it. It does happen.

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