message directly for Burke and John Ramsey, and a petition

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message directly for Burke and John Ramsey, and a petition

Post by redpill on Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:19 pm

I'm writing this on Friday, June 2, 2017

didn't occur to me until just recently. the idea popped in my head
just a few hours ago today as I type it, this idea just entered my mind.

recently Burke Ramsey was interviewed by phil

and father

if either Burke Ramsey, or even John Ramsey is reading this,
or anyone who has direct personal contact with them,

My name is redpill, this is my blog and this is my post

In my posts I have been defending your innocence,  against the legions of RDI on the forums. I have been banned many times by wrathful RDI. This is my message to you

I believe I have identified the intruder, the killer of your daughter.

My theory is that your daughter and sister Jonbenet was murdered by an intruder, Mr. Cruel.
Mr. Cruel remains Australia's most notorious unidentified girl sex offender.

My many posts on this blog

Redpill's Blog

for example,

 Sharon Wills and I believe Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet Ramsey a case linkage analysis

So either you, John or Burke, or a friend of John or Burke who can contact him directly, let me know about this post.

My petition - that both of you agree to additional interviews with the news media - Dr. Phil, 60 minutes, 20/20 AETV et ctc.

I would like you to publicly acknowledge me redpill, and my blog, redpill's blog - not doing so may well be plagiarism plus I have worked out all the implications of the Mr. Cruel Jonbenet Ramsey intruder theory on this blog as further resource. I was the first person to suggest a Mr. Cruel Jonbenet Ramsey link, and I also developed the theory.

One question Dr. Phil and the media ask you is who you think murdered your daughter. Your answer, an intruder, a pedophile doesn't persuade the vast majority of the public and Boulder LE.

Tell Dr. Phil, 60 minutes, and the news media, that you believe you now know who murdered your daughter. Thanks to the work of Redpill and his blog, you believe that Mr. Cruel murdered your daughter, and ask boulder LE, FBI and Taskforce Spectrum to work in the Mr. Cruel Jonbenet Ramsey link. Direct them to my blog.

Ask Boulder PD to investigate my theory of Mr. Cruel. and also thanking me for my work, redpill Smile
You can also tell Dr. Phil and the nation, that if they don't know or believe an intruder murdered your daughter and sister Jonbenet, ask them to visit my blog first, as I detail how Mr. Cruel entered your home and abducted your daughter, wrote the ransom note, fed her pineapple, and then murdered her and left, with the ransom note left behind.

direct them to this poster redpill

and this blog

Redpill's Blog

and again ask Boulder LE to look into this claim, and work with Australia's Taskforce Spectrum.

Many people on the fence on your guilt may be persuaded of your innocence if they knew of my blog, provided you give it publicity. Many who think you are guilty will have no excuses morally and ethically, if they reviewed the information I have provided on the Mr. Cruel Jonbenet theory on my blog.

So yes, John and Burke Ramsey, I ask you arrange with additional interviews with Dr. Phil and other in  the media 60 minutes, 20/20, etc., to promote redpill's theory that Mr. Cruel murdered your daughter, and ask LE and FBI to investigate. All I ask in your return is you clarify that redpill was the one to originate it, research it, fill out the details, and direct them to my blog.

Thank you for your time,
Redpill the intruder theorist, defender of Ramsey innocence.

please pass this message directly to John and Burke Ramsey, and anyone in the media who would like to ask John and Burke about redpill's Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet Ramsey theory.

Just make sure you give redpill full credit for his discovery. thanks

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Re: message directly for Burke and John Ramsey, and a petition

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:10 pm

I hope both John, Burke, and anyone currently working the case to read your Mr. Cruel theory, Redpill. It would help and might generate a new direction in the case. You have to go down all roads when you are investigating because you never know where those roads will lead; maybe to the killer.

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