sad suicide of Paige Chester 21 over loss of mom, reverse of Kaitlyn Nicole Elkins

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sad suicide of Paige Chester 21 over loss of mom, reverse of Kaitlyn Nicole Elkins

Post by redpill on Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:50 pm

'I'M SORRY, I NEED MY MUM' Heartbreaking suicide note of woman, 21, who took her own life after failing to cope with her mother’s death

Admin assistant Paige Chester spent final tragic months battling depression, inquest hears

She had previously told a family friend she wanted to be with her mother Mandy who died last November, her inquest was told.  

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in a summary she lost her mom and so at age 21 she bereaved over the loss, committed suicide

this happened in Uk, where they actually had an inquest into her suicide at age 21.

i don't think that happens in the US, at least not with adults, unless it's unclear if it was suicide or murder or accident

this is really sad.

in Survivor Season 33 Mill vs Gen x

Adam Klein mother also died, while he was on Survivor 2 days after filming ended from stage 4 lung cancer

he did win $1 million and title sole survivor.

He also has to live life at age 25 without his mom.

His mother died just two hours after Survivor season 33 winner Adam Klein returned home from filming the reality show in Fiji.

'People think it’s ‘just a smoker’s disease’ or ‘if you live healthy and don’t smoke you’re going to avoid it and it’s not your problem,' he explained. 'My mom is a perfect example of how that’s not true. Anyone can get lung cancer. My mom worked out every day and never smoked a day in her life.'

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so his mother wasn't a smoker and lived a healthful lifestyle, but still got stage 4 lung cancer 3-4 months later she died after diagnosis.

Adam decision, go on Survivor, and during that 40 day challenge, he won, but as soon as he returned, within hours his mom dies. Or spend the final 40 days with his mom by her bedside.
Her mother encouraged Adam to follow his dream to be on Survivor. What a terrible sacrifice.

this suicide really hits home for me since one day it's possible my mom dies before I do, and if that happens, I'm not sure how I would cope. On the other hand if I die before she does, I'm not sure if she would continue living on.

i feel somewhat better that at least one person,  Paige Chester 21 made the decision to commit suicide after her mom's death, in the event I decide to make a similar decision. i've listen to atheists say there's no god, jesus, soul or afterlife. no day of judgment, no heaven and hell. it's all fantasy. once you're dead it's eternal oblivion. so what makes life worth living? For Paige the answer is, after the death of her mom, nothing.

not too long ago  
Kaitlyn Nicole Elkins, 23 was also a medical student who committed suicide.

her suicide letter

then her mother bereaved also committed suicide

Kaitlyn Nicole Elkins felt that non-existence is preferable to existence.

What a world we live in. Some children die young from painful cancer. Others have mothers and fathers die young on them. Sometimes whole families die in car wrecks like the Pels family, or are murdered like the Iowa Vlilisica axe murders. But also in the news are how awesome celebrities lives are, and how some teens have just had proms costing over $25k. How Michael Dell's of Dell computer children spent more than $250k on a single weekend partying as they uploaded it on social media.

During my teen years I was an evangelical christian and my church and other christians hammered home how fragile life is, how at any second, sickness and death can happen to anyone, or to your family and friends. i first learned of death from brain aneurysm from church.  that, and how at any second, Jesus can come and rapture away the Christians, and you don't want to be left on earth with all those who follow Satan.

I really hate aging, sickness, dying, death, decline of physical and mental health Sad

In Dungeons and Dragons first edition, the cleric was my favorite class as they were actual healers. Only class that can cast healing spells. that and turn undead.

I spend my free time studying new age health, since modern medicine can only do so much.  No
new age angels, new age healing and new age prayers and new age  miracles. Life's fragile at any second something truly terrible can happen like loss of mother.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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