one of my favorite Angel stories - Outerlimits The Conversion

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one of my favorite Angel stories - Outerlimits The Conversion

Post by redpill on Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:17 pm

a part of me has a warm and fuzzy feeling about stories of angels helping people.
when Holly Glynn committed suicide she drew an angel in the sand, but the LA times said there were no angels there.

this is outerlimits intro

outerlimits has one of the best time traveling stories i've seen and heard, it also has one of the best feel good angel stories i've ever seen and heard

the episode Outerlimits  The Conversion which is commonly listed as season 1 episode 12, though some people call it a different episode

starts with Engima's return to innocence

here's a clip

here is full episode but modified to defeat copyright

an angel that works with would be killers, trying to turn killers and thugs into good people.

relieving human pain and suffering is how that angelic entity finds joy and happiness.
the difference is the angel has paranormal abilities.

yeah i wish there were angels here on earth. perhaps there are.

one of the benefits of being a cleric in dungeons and dragons is that at high levels good clerics can summon angels

if i met an angel and this angel offered to help me, i'll do anything the angel asks. for example, while i'm prochoice now, i'll be prolife on abortion if that's what an angel wants me to be. I love you

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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