Murder of Stephanie Crowe echos of JonBenet Ramsey

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Murder of Stephanie Crowe echos of JonBenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:14 pm

I just recently found out about this murder, strange it got very  little to no publicity compared to Jonbenet

The murder of 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe took place in her bedroom inside her home at Escondido, California, sometime between late night January 20, 1998 to early morning January 21, 1998. Her older brother Michael Crowe and two of his friends were initially charged with her murder, but were eventually declared to be factually innocent by a judge. Their confessions under police interrogation are regarded as classic examples of false confession.[1] A transient who was seen in the neighborhood on the night of her murder was eventually convicted of manslaughter, but the conviction was overturned. A November 2013 retrial acquitted him of all charges.

the crime

Stephanie's parents and grandmother found her body on the floor of her bedroom on the morning of January 21, 1998. She had been stabbed eight times. There was no sign of forced entry. Stephanie's window was found unlocked, but a screen was in place and there was no disturbance of accumulated grime and insect traces. A sliding glass door in her parents' bedroom was also unlocked. No knives were found at the scene that seemed consistent with the murder weapon, and no bloody clothing was found despite an exhaustive search.[2]
The investigation

All of the Crowe family members were questioned, their clothing was confiscated, and their bodies were examined for injuries. The parents were then put up in a motel, while the two surviving children were taken to the county's shelter for children, and were not allowed to see their parents for two days. During that time police interviewed both children, unbeknownst to their parents. They took Michael Crowe, Stephanie's 14-year-old brother, away to the police station for questioning on several occasions.[2]

Michael Crowe became the police's main suspect for the murder. He was singled out by Escondido police because the crime scene seemed to suggest an inside job, and because he seemed "distant and preoccupied" after Stephanie's body was discovered and the rest of the family grieved. Police interrogated him multiple times without his parents' knowledge and without an attorney present. During the interrogations police falsely informed him that they had found physical evidence implicating him, that he had failed an examination with a so-called "truth verification" device, and that his parents were convinced he had done it.[3] After an intense 6-hour interrogation, he gave a vague confession to killing his sister, providing no details and saying that he couldn't remember doing it. The interview was videotaped by police; at times Michael is heard saying things to the effect of, "I'm only saying this because it's what you want to hear." He was arrested and charged with murdering his sister.

Police from Escondido and nearby Oceanside also questioned Joshua Treadway and Aaron Houser, two 15-year-old friends of Michael Crowe. Houser had a collection of knives; one of them was reported missing by Houser's parents. It turned up at Treadway's house; he said he had taken it from Houser. Police took Treadway to police headquarters and questioned him continuously from 9 pm until 8 the following morning, telling him that they believed his knife was the murder weapon.[4] They interrogated him again two weeks later, a 10-hour interview during which Treadway gave a detailed confession to participating in the murder with the other two boys. Treadway was then arrested.[5]

Aaron Houser was then arrested and questioned. He did not actually confess and steadfastly denied any involvement, but he did present a "hypothetical" account of how the crime might have happened, under prompting by police interrogators using the Reid technique. All three boys subsequently recanted their statements claiming coercion. The majority of Michael Crowe's confession was later ruled as coerced by a judge because Escondido investigators implied to Michael that they would talk to the district attorney and recommend leniency. Treadway actually confessed twice, the first to Oceanside detectives and a second, identical confession, to Escondido officers. The court ruled that the two confessions were redundant and ordered that the first be suppressed. The second Treadway confession remains admissible. Houser's statements to police were suppressed because police did not sufficiently advise him of his Miranda rights.[6][7]

On the day the body was discovered the police also interviewed Richard Raymond Tuite, a 28-year-old transient who had been seen in the Crowe's neighborhood on the night of the murder, knocking on doors and looking in windows, causing several neighbors to call police reporting a suspicious person. Tuite had a lengthy criminal record, habitually wandered the streets of Escondido, and had been diagnosed as schizophrenic.[8] Police questioned Tuite, confiscated his clothing, and noticed scrapes on his body and a cut on his hand. However, they did not consider him a suspect, since they considered him incapable of murder and they had already focused on Michael Crowe as their prime suspect.

This crime only happened 2 years after Jonbenet. She was stabbed to death but family says they heard nothing. Could be brother or family member or could be an intruder.

If family is truthful, then yet another example of a murder of young girl that like Heather Coffins happened in the home but no one woke up to hear anything.


if it was an intruder he took big risks.

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Re: Murder of Stephanie Crowe echos of JonBenet Ramsey

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:03 pm

It is true that it get the media attention that the JonBenet case but it did make national news and a movie was made about the case. It opened people's eyes to the lengths police can go in interrogation. Michael didn't know that he could have ended the interrogation and left the room and police station because he had not been placed under arrest. Some books were written about it, and it has been discussed on forums, so I am surprised that you hadn't heard about it until recently, Redpill. Michael Crowe was and is innocent of the death of his sister Stephanie. LE in Escondido, California believed it was Michael from the very beginning because he played Dungeons and Dragons with his friends not to mention the posters hanging in his room, and they thought he was just odd. What they lacked was evidence and Stephanie's blood was not found on Michael's clothing even though the detectives lied about that to elicit a confession from Michael. The Escondido police were like the BPD in that they really didn't want to investigate and find the real killer. They didn't feel they needed to since they knew already who had done it. No one has been convicted of this and I highly doubt the Escondido police are still investigating the case.Richard Tuite was knocking on doors in the neighborhood looking for a girl named Tracy and his blood was found on his clothing. Two 911 calls were placed reporting Tuite. A jury in 2013 found Tuite not guilty. I am glad Michael Crowe is not sitting in jail right now and like Burke he has to live with people still thinking he stabbed his sister to death and see the tabloid titles of articles that he killed her. Michael's parents did hear pounding in the night but didn't get up to find out where it was coming from or what was causing it. Michael's parents still believe Richard Tuite killed their daughter Stephanie.

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