Abigail Williams turned 14 and bigfoot safety

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Abigail Williams turned 14 and bigfoot safety

Post by redpill on Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:14 pm

i'm typing this post on Saturday June 24, 2017

i click news and i learn

murder victim Abigail Williams

turned 14 on Friday June 23, 2017 which means she was born June 23, 2003

DELPHI, Ind. -- It wasn’t birthday balloons but a lantern release that marked June 23 in Delphi.  

It would have been Abigail Williams’ 14th birthday.

Instead, friends and family gathered at the Delphi United Methodist Church on Friday to honor the teen’s memory.

It’s been 130 days since the Delphi teen and her good friend Liberty German first went missing.

Libby and Abby went hiking near the Monon High Bridge on February 13. Their plan was to enjoy the unseasonably warm day off from school and take some photographs. It was the last day the two girls would ever be seen alive.

It’s been 130 days of searching for answers, but one day closer to finding the person responsible for their death.

The FBI issued a renewed call for information on what would have been Abby’s birthday asking anyone with info on her death to come forward.

   Abby Williams would've turned 14 today

DELPHI MURDERS | 4 months later, investigators say they're 'close' to finding Libby & Abby's killer

“She smiled all the time.” Abby’s mother, Anna, treasures every memory she has of her daughter.

The teen, who loved making crafts and taking photos, should be practicing with her new softball teammates.

Libby had convinced her to join the team just weeks before they were killed, and her mother had said it was one of the things she was most looking forward to this summer.

“She and Libby were dead set on taking over the world by softball,” said Anna.

But that new softball equipment – the matching bat and glove that Grandpa Cliff purchased her the week before her death – will never be used.

On Friday, friends and family gathered to remember that young girl who loved everything about life and release lanterns in her memory along with the hope that one day soon, the person responsible for her death will be found.

Abby's mother also shared the following video on Youtube in honor of what would have been her daughter's 14th birthday.

"Tomorrow, June 23rd, 2017 Abigail Joyce Williams would be turning 14. It is still unbelievable to me that I won't be making a cake and planning her party.... not this year, not next year....," Anna wrote.
"Please remember her tomorrow, and every day!"


only 13 years of life. only 13 years old. just 130 days shy of her fourteenth birthday, when she was murdered, no specifics offered.

police have not offered how they were murdered, nor any possible motive.

if i or you were there at that place and time, instead of Abby Williams and Liberty German, would that perp murdered me, or you? did he murder them bc they were girls, or did he murder them bc he just wanted to kill and they were there.

when you hear RDI claim an intruder would not leave a ransom note behind, or has no motive to do so, Abby Williams and Liberty German killer motive is unknown.

and what prompted Abby Williams and Liberty German to start taking photos of that UNSUB?

so it's been 4 months, 131 days, as i type this, since Abby Williams and Liberty German were killed in Delphi Indiana and despite these photos

thousands of tips that have been pursued and $200k + reward

they haven't solved it.

my theory is he's the OCCK.

which got me thinking how safe are the woods anyway

these 2 girls entered the woods and were murdered.

after all, like these kids

are looking for bigfoot in the woods something i used to do

something i used to do. i used to enter the woods like them, looking for bigfoot

now that i know Abigail was murdered i have second thoughts

i don't know if this is a genuine poster or not but


i don't know if this is a genuine FBI poster or a photoshop

but if you enter the woods like Abigail williams, looking for bigfoot like i would, you may be murdered by killers who lurk in the woods.

i'll let others risk their life in search for bigfoot. i don't want to end up dead like Abigail or mysteriously missing, then my story on ID Channel Disappeared like Maura Murray

i do propose they do DNA testing on bigfoot tracks that have dermal ridges and cannot be ruled out as a fake

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