safety alert murder 33-year-old Debra Gulliver Saturday June 24, 2017

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safety alert murder 33-year-old Debra Gulliver Saturday June 24, 2017

Post by redpill on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:42 pm

do you remember what you were doing in the early morning hours of Saturday June 24, 2017

this is - or was -  33-year-old Debra Gulliver

this is what she did and what happened

Woman, 33, is stripped naked and stabbed to death while walking through a park in attack so savage the blade broke off inside her body
Debra Gulliver was found murdered inside Philadelphia's Rayburn Park early Saturday after taking a shortcut on her way home
Police say woman was bludgeoned in the head and suffered 15 knife wounds from her thighs to her chest
Victim was found nude from the waist down and reportedly had defensive wounds suggesting she had put up a fight
Passerby who found Gulliver's body told police he had been robbed by two men in the park before grisly discovery  

A woman taking a shortcut through a North Philadelphia park over the weekend was brutally murdered in a stabbing frenzy that left her with more than a dozen knife wounds all over her body.
According to Philadelphia Police Departments' homicide detectives, the body of 33-year-old Debra Gulliver was discovered in Reyburn Park behind Dobbins Technical High School shortly after 3am on Saturday.
The person or people who attacked and killed Gulliver struck her in the face, pulled her pants down to her ankles, then proceeded to stab her 15 times from her thighs up to her chest, employing such force that the blade of the knife eventually broke off and was left inside her body, officials revealed.

A passerby walking through the area at around 3.20am came upon Gulliver's brutalized, partially nude body and called police.
Authorities said Gulliver had been with friends in the Kensington area about an hour before the deadly attack.
She and a friend then boarded a bus to 21st and Lehigh streets, where Gulliver got off alone and made the fateful decision to take a shortcut through the park on her way home to North 25th Street, just three blocks away.
Detectives later pulled surveillance video from the area showing the woman entering the park behind the school, never to be seen alive again.
‘No one was following her, whoever did this we believe was already in the park,’ Police Capt. James Clark told CBS Philadelphia.
Investigators do not know whether the killer or killers targeted Gulliver, or whether it was a crime of opportunity, but they said no possessions were stolen from her during the attack, reported NBC Philadelphia.
‘Someone wanted to make sure she suffered,’ Philadelphia Police Captain Drew Techner told 6ABC.
Police also are not sure at this time whether Gulliver had been sexually assaulted before her death.
Detectives do know, based on physical evidence, that the petite blonde, standing only at 5 feet tall, desperately tried to fight off her attacker.
‘There were a lot of defensive wounds so she definitely put up a fight, and she didn't go fast,’ the victim's mother, Nancy Celia, told 6ABC.
The person who found Gulliver's blood-soaked, lifeless body on Saturday morning told police on a 911 call that he had been robbed by two men inside the park just before the grisly discovery was made.
Two other people, possibly the suspected robbers, also called police but left before officers arrived.

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Fateful decision: Gulliver was waling home from a bus stop on her way home and decided to take a shortcut through the park

Lingering questions: Investigators do not know whether the killer or killers targeted Gulliver, or whether it was a crime of opportunity

this is one concern i have about travel and being outdoors

being murdered like this.

one thing to learn is that if you walk through a park in Philly it is dark enough for murderers to hide out and kill you.

one way i try to reduce the risk of crime is to be inside when darkness falls.

i suppose she could have either taken a different longer route home, or carried pepper spray or a gun for self-defense.

the killer-s- had a knife.

when i look out after darkness i ask, could there be a murderer hiding there somewhere?

rest stops are also unsafe.

if you walk alone in the dark there are murderers could be hiding, possibly robbers.

one thing she could have done is called her brother and stayed on the phone so when the attack happens brother could call police immediately.

i have second thoughts about vacationing in philly now.

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