rootlesswriter and my theory of the OCCK murdered Jonbenet Ramsey

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rootlesswriter and my theory of the OCCK murdered Jonbenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:04 pm

hello rootlesswriter and yall

as i understand it

rootlesswriter researched the Oakland County Child Killer 4 murders, and had a suspect in mind. apparently rootlesswriter was born and raised and grew up somewhere around Oakland County - Detroit, Michigan. and grew up with Oakland County Child Killer

he had a suspect who he believes is Oakland County Child Killer

this suspect at one point moved from Detroit Michigan to Arvada, Colorado

rootlesswriter made it clear to me his suspect is *NOT* Bob Enyart who is still alive.

one or more individuals on the internet is promoting Bob Enyart murdered Jonbenet
and rootlesswriter made it clear that his suspect is not Bob Enyart, and has since passed away.

he promotes this both on topix and reddit.

i told him if it makes him happy may the force be with you. i don't mind. Laughing

for me it's more exploring an idea. i'm more psychologically and emotionally attached to the Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet theroy, since Mr. Cruel is an actual home invader but sure if it makes him happy i'm happy for him.

my theory Oakland County Child Killer murdered Jonbenet is based on the similarities between the Allan Letter and the Jonbenet Ramsey ransom note.

i freely admit Oakland County Child Killer MO is different in that he abducts little kids from off the streets whereas Jonbenet was in her home, which is why i prefer the Mr. Cruel theory.

I did tell rootlesswriter that i think Oakland County Child Killer might still be alive, which if true, would eliminate his suspect who is now dead.

from the last known killing in Oakland Timothy King, I think Oakland County Child Killer may have travelled around the country on vacation, or even moved locations, and murdered other children that are unsolved, from Tracy Neef to Amber Hagem to Morgan Nick.

Perhaps he is the one who abducted Adam Walsh in 1981 just 4 years after Timothy King, as Florida is an extremely popular tourist destination.

Perhaps Oakland County Child Killer booked a vacation to Florida, in 1981, then saw Adam Walsh and decided to do what he likes to do.

anyway rootlesswriter my Oakland County Child Killer murdered Jonbenet theory also includes similar looking white females like Tracy Neef, from Thorton Colorado, to possibly Morgan Nick, to possibly being in Connecticut and responsible for a variety of abductions like Molly Bish and
Holly Kristen Piirainen (January 19, 1983 – August 5, 1993) was a 10-year-old American murder victim from Grafton, Massachusetts

was your suspect in Thorton Colorado in 1984 to be around to abduct Tracy Neef, 7?

i understand your suspect Oakland County Child Killer is dead, but given he was described as talking to Timothy King Wednesday, March 16, 1977 as early 20s and it has been 40 years now in 2017

he could be 60-70 now and could be the Delphi Indiana killer of these 2

Abby Williams and Libby German in Feb 2017

independent of this i once suggested when i was at websleuth that perhaps the handwriting of the ransom note is the Zodiac killer. this is not a professional FDE conclusion.

Terry B either independent of me or read my post, promotes Zodiac Killer murdered Jonbenet, based on exactly the handwriting of Zodiac is the same as the Jonbenet ransom note.

Terry B promotes the theory Jack Terrence is the Zodiac Killer, and he murdered Jonbenet.

i don't have any suspect for Zodiac, except perhaps Zodiac is also Ears/ONS

on this forum murdermysteryreader believes my mr cruel theory. i saw one poster on topix, not murdermysteryreader also promoting it. sensing murder mr. cruel intent australian version, season 1 episode 2 had mr. cruel, but was taken down from youtube. when it was up on youtube a couple of youtubers have said mr cruel reminds them of jonbenet.

so yeah. it's too bad you and i aren't on a forum like websleuth, along with anti-k to athena to holdontoyourhat to battle cynic ukguy superdave

imagine what a forum it would be if my fav posters both idi and rdi from crimeshots like zen fairm inspectorrex zen rupert roy to justicequest to reddit and topix, you me on one forum with rdi only posters from forumsforjustice and websleuth

what a war, spin wars

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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