my recommendation to an anime fan - robotech macross saga

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my recommendation to an anime fan - robotech macross saga

Post by redpill on Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:37 pm

today i met an anime fan and he asked me if i know anime. he mentioned several. i drew a blank

but i recommend robotech. he's never heard of it. but he seems excited and said he'll try looking it up
he is a fairly young adult male but yeah i'm surprised an anime fan hasn't heard of robotech, which is dubbed in English

this is robotech macross saga

when back in the 80s i would come home from school and watch this

animation is definitely showing this age but at the time my mind was blown

part of the reason i loved this cartoon is it was japanese in origin, and this is the 80s where Karate Kid and Bruce Lee loomed large.

i also went to an arcade in those days, the kind where you put in a quarter to play

time pilot 84

galaga and galaga 3


and gradius

and thexder

if sony does make a movie based on robotech, i would substantially change it for a general audience.

i would keep some of the names and themes such as a spaceship crashing into earth
but i would make the zentrati look more like this

not giant humans. but they or course speak english just cause this is a movie.

robotech is in some respects similar to independence day 2

a spaceship crashes to earth, humans learn and reverse engineer its technology, then the aliens arrive and we fight them using human-alien enhanced weapons

i'm not sure if the original motive for robotech masters searching for the protoculture and the invids the flower of life would resonate with a modern audience. i'd change that.

it would probably cost hundreds of millions to produce, as the special effects are expensive, involving realistic looking robots being piloted by humans and space ships

if it is a financial success, really robotech is a saga like star wars.

it is about humanity fighting off 3 sucessive invasions of invaders, the zentratti, the robotech masters and the invid

again it would have to be changed from original source material, and made modern up to date in an era of facebook and iphones and social media, and the dialogue and plot should reflect that.

the ships and special effects should look awesome but in essence they look like this

changed along the lines the events happen in the near future say 2020 or 2030. but otherwise grounded in everyday life with everyday people, whose lives changed when these alien spaceships crash and humans reverse engineer technology.

perhaps the twist is that the humans learn the zentrati are looking for protoculture, but movies never say what protoculture actually is. it's left a mystery for the audience to guess. like SNOKE

protoculture is the fact a small number of humans are psychics with the power of premonition. shshhh

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