JonBenet Ramsey intruder vs imagine using a scientific approach the investigation

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JonBenet Ramsey intruder vs imagine using a scientific approach the investigation

Post by redpill on Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:21 pm

stargate log 7.22.2017 sat

as i'm writing this there must be literally tens of millions of people in the public who have seen documentaries and news of Burke interview with dr phil to cbs case of jonbenet to books, james kolar steve thomas books, news articles, etc.

there must be literally millions of posters on Jonbenet on various forums, from reddit, topix, forumsforjustice websleuth
as well as commentators on amazon, youtube news like denverpost westward

of the millions of ramsey did it posters,

I'm writing this on July 22, 2017
of the tens of millions of RDI posters,
no RDI poster has ever asked a simple question,

if approaching the Jonbenet Ramsey murder crime using a scientific approach, would the scientific based conclusion result in an intruder or someone in the family - Patsy John or Burke?

in deciding between whether jonbenet was murdered by someone in the family or an intruder

approaching this using a scientific approach the investigation

the same science that is used when science is called about to solve other homicides and crimes and cold cases

same forensic science, same forensic reasoning as used in other cases

same forensic science as featured in cases such as the Forensic Files, CSI and documentaries

using a strictly scientific approach to evaluating the forensic evidence found in the Jonbenet crime scene

what would be a scientific approach to determining authorship of the Jonbenet Ramsey letter?

would, for example, claiming that the Ramseys wrote the ransom note because they wanted to explain why there was a dead child in the basement, or an intruder would not leave the body a scientific approach?

how would science determine whether the Ramseys wrote the ransom note?

would a scienctist using a scientific method say, well it looks like Patsy's handwriting so Patsy wrote it in a fit of psychosis.

is this the scientific approach to questioned document?

would a scientist say, well Patsy can't be eliminated so Patsy wrote it

What is a scientifc approach in assesing trace evidence, unsourced fiber, hair, unsourced ligature

what is the scientific approach in evaluating the medical injuries, head injuries ligature strangulation?

what is the scientific approach to trace evidence plus DNA?

is it scientific to say, well you can't prove an intruder left DNA and fibers there on the night she died therefore there was no intruder

is that science?

using science, and only scientific expert witness are allowed to form conclusions per Daubert in a court of law, what conclusions would a scientific expert witness using the scientific method and scientific standards conclude concerning the forensic evidence of the Jonbenet case?

using science, would they conclude that Patsy wrote the ransom note, it's Patsy's handwriting, and the DNA you can't prove anything, therefore there's not a scintilla of evidence an intruder murdered Jonbenet

Or, using science would you conclude that the best explanation for all of the unsourced trace evidence, shoe print DNA, the explanation that explains this via Occam's razor is

an intruder murdered Jonbenet?

intruder redpill or RDI blue pill

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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