Phoebe Timmins schendenfraude sith Lord and Season 4 Australian Survivor

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Phoebe Timmins schendenfraude sith Lord and Season 4 Australian Survivor

Post by redpill on Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:54 pm

in the news Aussie national Justine Damond was shot and killed in Minnesota

in other news
i've seen probably 12 seasons of US survivor, last season game changers and going about 12 seasons.
i also watched Survivor NZ

but my all time favorite season is season 3 of Australian survivor and my fav Surivor of all time is a Sith Lord named Phoebe Timmins

she kinda resembles a younger version fellow Aussie Justine Damond

Ausie girls all look the same  Laughing

iirc both Phoebe and Justine are from Sydney Australia

here's Darth Phoebs in a bikini

even though the gameplay on US surivvor is much much stronger than Aussie version, for example, in the US version, targeting the strongest most competent challenge performers first after the merge is standard play book. In Aussie they targeted based on friendship rather than on who is the strongest player so take him out first, which would be Lee.

Aussie chicks Phoebe and Flick and Jennah Louise have colorful personalities.

Phoebe said things that made me laf, such as saying to Kristie the coconut is always against you. why are you always against me coconut why? and whacks it.. Kristie says she's afraid she'll hurt someone. Phoebe well i'm going to hurt this coconut. then Kristie says yeah you tell him whose boss. hahaha. the 2 stooges with 2 good looking aussie chicks. made me laf.

Phoebe true dark side talent is she is a schendenfraude sith Lord.

she mocked to Kristie that Craig is gone, he's looking for the hidden immunity idol, but that Phoebe has it. she then mocks how it's fun to watch him look for it, he's just wasting his time. then mocks saying sucker!

hahahahahaha! i'm laughing so hard my cheeks hurt and i feel like i'm getting an asthma attack
can't breathe

she pulled out an idol and blindsided and voted out Craig

after tribal she said i blindsided craig i pulled my hidden immunity idol. he looked pretty surprise. he thought it'd be a sure thing it was going to be me. but wrong! not sorry!

then she attempts to blind side kristie which could have worked if not for a stupid twist at tribal

phoebe in life is a lawyer. she thinks fast on her feet. just watching her attempt to blind side kristie by telling them how kristie totally knew she had an idol is a thing of beauty.

high comedy.

phoebe really knows how to play survivor she has a deep understanding of the game and she is a absolute master, a bruce lee michael jordan master of taking joy at other's misfortune.  germans have a word for it

phoebe reminds me of this

good phoebe good! do it. you did well. craig was too dangerous to be kept alive.

when phoebe gets people voted out, she mocks them and it's so beautiful to watch. i cant stop laffing

i want phoebe back on my screen playing survivor. she is more funny than any scripted show

the ultimate survivor in my opinion is to take the prettiest heterosexual girls from us new zealand and australian survivor and pit them against one another. girls who are in their twenties, no tats' or piercings No

today i'm watching the first episode of season 4. hopefully i get to see some funny moments.

phoebe and flick and jennah gave me plenty Smile I love you

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