JonBenet Ramsey and the ransom note, which of these statements are grounded in science

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JonBenet Ramsey and the ransom note, which of these statements are grounded in science Empty JonBenet Ramsey and the ransom note, which of these statements are grounded in science

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using a scientific approach to the Jonbenet Ramsey investigation

which "analysis" of the ransom note is actually grounded in science

"We were called upon to examine the ransom note that was left at the crime scene. The other handwriting expert was in Maryland. Both of us were kept separate so our opinions would be independent. In my opinion, I found that it was highly probable that Patsy was the person who wrote the note. I found over 243 similarities between her handwriting and the ransom note. The other handwriting expert said that he was 100 positive that Patsy wrote the note." ~ Cina Wong, CDE Board Certified Document Examiner/Forensic Handwriting Expert.

"That's not a prominent place to leave a note - unless you know that they come downstairs in the morning to make coffee. That shows me a knowledge of the house and of the activities of the people in the house." ~ Gregg McCrary, former FBI profiler now doing private criminal consulting in Virginia.

"Like the comment 'We respect your business.' It's not important to get the job done, but somebody felt it was important to say. Usually, it's `We've got your daughter and if you want to see her alive pay us." ~ McCrary

James Fitzgerald is a retired F.B.I. supervisory special agent and forensic linguistic profiler. Stan Burke is a statement analyst. They both appeared on a recent CBS special entitled, "The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey" During the show the RN was examined. Fitzgerald says, "From a historical perspective, this is uncharacteristic of any kind of kidnapping letter I've ever seen." Burke says that the peculiar ransom note appears to be a 'sell job' and that '78 percent is extremes'

Fitzgerald also states the RN was "clearly staged" and contains "deliberate spelling mistakes." He also suggested the RN was written by a "maternal person."

There are far too many similarities and consistencies revealed in the handwriting of Patsy Ramsey and the ransom note for it to be coincidence. In light of the number of comparisons and similarities between Patsy Ramsey and the ransom note writer, the chances of a third party also sharing the same characteristics is astronomical. In my professional opinion Patsy Ramsey is the ransom note writer.” ~ David S. Liebman, Certified Document Examiner

“Based upon available exemplars compared to the purported "ransom" note in the JonBenét Ramsey murder, the handwriting is probably that of Patsy Ramsey.” ~ Tom Miller, Attorney, Court Qualified Expert Witness in Questioned Documents

“It was determined and is still determined by myself that Patsy Ramsey is the writer of the ransom note.” ~ Larry F. Ziegler, Forensic Document Examiner:

"“The two most important factors in identifying the writer of an anonymous letter are: matching patterns and overwhelming odds. The more patterns and characteristics in the anonymous writing that match the writing of the suspect, the more overwhelming are the odds that you’ve found your anonymous writer." ~ Michelle Dresbold, A graduate of the United States Secret Service's Advanced Document Examination training program.

Q. What is your degree of certainty yourself as you sit here today that Patsy Ramsey wrote the note?
A. I am absolutely certain that she wrote the note.
Q. Is that 60 percent certain?
A. No, that's 100 percent certain.
Deposition of Gideon Epstein
May 17, 2002

Here is a statement analysis on the RN by Mark McClish.

Patsy changing her handwriting:

"We had noticed earlier that in prehomicide writings, Patsy consistently used the manuscript “a,” but posthomicide, it disappeared from her samples of writing. This was a major find, for it looked as if she was consciously changing her lettering. She had more handwriting styles than a class of sixth graders and was seemingly able to change as easily as turning on and off different computer fonts." ~ JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation, Steve Thomas, pages 173-174.

Cherokee, a poster on FFJ took the time to pick apart the RN

Patsy wrote the ransom note

an intruder would not write a ransom note and leave it on the stairs

Richard Dusick "no evidence to indicate that Patsy Ramsey executed any of the questioned material appearing on the Ransom Note."


only 1 statement is grounded on actual genuine scientific research. only 1 statement constitutes scientific evidence, and expert witness testimony.

only 1 statement meets the Daubert standard, and can be used by both forensic scientists of the American Academy of Science and in a court under Daubert.

Only 1 statement is grounded in science, and can be used to make deductions on the ransom note author.

can you identify the statement?

the 1 statement, combined with the actual forensics found at the crime scene
leads to the conclusion, based on science, that an intruder is the best scientific explanation for Jonbenet's murder.

anyone who says anything else has no understanding of the actual relevant science that is involved

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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